CONTEST: Share the Summer of COLOURlove

CONTEST: Share the Summer of COLOURlove

So you and I both have something in common, (no, not our great looks & charm)... our love for color! But the sad thing is that not everyone knows about and that is what this contest is all about. We're making this the Summer of COLOURlove!

Contest Closed

This contest is closed and we will be going over all the entries and deciding our winners in the coming week. Even though the contest is over, you can still let others know about


You know why you love this site and you do a better job of explaining it to other creative people than we do... So we want you to reach out to the groups, schools, clubs, gangs you roll with and tell them why they should be a member here at COLOURlovers. It could be writing a blog entry about the site... hand knitting a COLOURlovers scarf and wearing it around... throwing a COLOURlovers party... naming your next child COLOURlover... putting up COLOURlovers posters around your town... Use your imagination and take photos of anything you can easily link us to. Post your photos someplace like and link us to your creative expression.

How to Enter

All you have to do to enter is post a comment with a link to your creative COLOURloving expression. We will be choosing 2 random entrants so even if you can't do something big... at least post about COLOURlovers on a forum you read or your blog... you could still win one of the Lucky Lover Prizes.

1. However you share the love, make sure to include a link to join COLOURlovers with your referral ID so we can see how many new people you bring home. ( Replace COLOURlover with your Username

2. Post a comment below with a link to the page you posted about COLOURlovers on, or where you have your Photo / video hosted.

3. You can enter as many times as you want, so keep finding new and creative ways to share the love. (You can post multiple entries in 1 comment, it makes it easier on us to track them all too.)

Winners Will be Chosen For:

  • New members brought to COLOURlovers.
  • Exposure for COLOURlovers.
  • Creativity in how they share the COLOURlove.
  • How sweet & thoughtful they share the COLOURlove.
  • How colorful their sharing is.



Grand Prize
Apple iPod Nano 4GB
2-Year Flickr Pro Account
COLOURlovers T-Shirt

2nd Prize
Apple iPod Shuffle
2-Year Flickr Pro Account
COLOURlovers T-Shirt

3rd Prize
Apple iPod Shuffle
1-Year Flickr Pro Account
COLOURlovers T-Shirt

Lucky Lover Prizes (2 Random Entrants Selected)
1-Year Flickr Pro Account
COLOURlovers T-Shirt

Rules of Engagement

Don't try and register duplicate accounts just to bump your chance of winning... we're smarter than that. We can't support any activities that cause damage to any other persons, companies, animals, aliens, etc.

Contest Ends July 21 2007.

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What a great idea!
Ok but can the site really handle the extra load?

It chokes right now at around 300 online users
manekineko: we actually cruise around 300 lovers almost all the time. The server has handled spikes of 600 active with little problem... and we can always increase the server capacity as we grow.

We have some rogue bugs that choke the server, but they aren't exactly active lover related... sometimes it happens at 200 active... sometimes at 600... We're working on clearing the bugs out.
Ok cool thanks for responding COLOURlover :)
Haha, naming your child COLOURlover. I would...if I had kids.;D
@jaimebienlesfruits: Adopt one!
What coincidental timing!

Dear Darius, (and the rest of the colourlovin' populace) ~

I have been working with two teachers to help them put together a series of children's books which aim to preserve the Chaldean language and culture among children born in America with native ties to Chaldean nations...

One of the books that we have written is "Colors" (sorry, I tried to get the "U" in there, but they weren't havin' it) - and as this site is such an inspiration for me even when I'm not using it for work, I have included a special 'Thank You' to Colourlovers (with url, of course) on the back cover of the book! When it is published I shall post an image - or send you a copy if you like :)

My very best regards,

Sarah (bijouloveshues)
Awh, Sarah, that's so sweet of you ^_^ Good luck with your book!
Is there a copy of the colourlovers logo we could use?
dazed, what size do you need it? To be honest the logo is simply made from "Arial Black" font... so it can be replicated, or if you need me to provide it in a certain size let me know.
Something big preferably, (very specific, I know), I want to do a 11x17 poster. I figured it would be better to ask from you guys instead of just making it up. Oh and call me Saad. Btw, this is probably the most useful site I have ever used. I wouldn't do a design without it.
Think back to when 300 was an unheard of number of online lovers!

Every time I look at the "most ever" record it's not only HUGE but very recent. This means we're exploding. Not like we hadn't noticed :D

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