Show Me What You’re Workin’ With

Some of us were born into the internet on a T-1. Some of us still call Dell for help. Some of us built our own way into this place. Some of us get calls from relatives about how to fix the internet. Regardless of how, we all stepped in here at some point.

Today, I’m asking you to show me just that.

How do you get online?

From studying down in New York City to the floor of a friendly apartment in Oklahoma, and through many an x-ray at airports, my laptop and I have seen a lot of things together. In the two years that I’ve had him (yes, it’s that serious) — aside from a hard drive transplant — we’ve been inseparable. In all of that running around, it’s always nice to come home again, wherever home ends up being.

iBook at home

comforts of home

Where do you see us from?

What are the colours in or around it?

Can you take a photo or make a palette to show us?

Author: ruecian