Sights and Sounds from 1971

Sights and Sounds from 1971

Accompanied by synchronised music akin to the earliest of arcade games, which is wonderful, the varying block animations and sounds were put together in 1971. The video below is called Synchromy, and it was created by Norman McLaren, Scottish-born Canadian animator and film director. The series of colours and sounds build together, and become something incredible and stimulating even today. In all, the theme seems to be very playful and upbeat.

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I'm glad you made a post of this... it's so very colourlovers.
There are several other of these animations available on youtube. Some of them are really worth a look.
Very cool! I submitted this post to Digg. :)

Thanks mravka for pointing it out to me. Very COLOURlovers indeed!
Wonderful ! Thanks to share this, I'm really hypnotized ! ;-)

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