Color Symbolism:  Gold

Color Symbolism: Gold

Dress for Excess

Lavishness is the perception of gold, and regal are those who wear it. Closely related to yellow, orange, and even brown, gold can be seen as both warm and cold. Associated with wealth and prosperity, gold is the highest prize.

Placing First

Getting the gold medal in the Olympics is monumental, and getting the gold star in kindergarten can have the same effect. Reaching the fiftieth anniversary in a romantic relationship warrants a gift of gold, and wedding bands are typically cast in gold. Gold is also what financially backs money, at least here in the United States, which is funny, considering green symbolises money. The pieces of paper are exchanged as sort of I-Owe-Yous for gold. Gold stands for praise, excellence, and wealth, and an excess of any can always present the possibility of suddenly turning for the worst.

With blue, gold becomes a symbol of credibility and financial dependability. With green or brown, gold becomes a bit more down to earth. And with red, gold becomes a great deal more lavish and rich.

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i've discovered that i'm not really fond of the colour gold. it seems so gaudy these days. here's some love anyway:

i've been thinking the same thing lately. even my wedding ring is silver. i like bits of gold, but not a lot. i'm a more earthy person. gold is such a hard colour to make, too.
I've never been fond of the color gold myself, even yellow itself sometimes bugs me (but that's probably a result of the web's early bad design practices ;) I much prefer silver. In fact, my fella and I have talked about using white gold for our rings, so that he can have gold but I don't have to wear that off-brass color I'm un-fond of.
Goldcoated Chocolate
Lapis Philosophorum

I love the colour gold, but not the element. Looks pretty tacky most of the time.
I'm pretty sure gold's my favorite color. ^.^

White and tarnished gold are awesome, and it does look good with green, yup yup...

but, it can definitely look gaudy if it's out of place.

Nice short post on symbolism of gold......
I love gold but have trouble photographing anything gold (think flat surfaces and paper).
Would appreciate any tips.

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