Bring Home the Color

Feeling a little stuck in the box? Might I suggest a pair of stylish bird scissors? Pylones is a store of ordinary items done extraordinarily, and it just might change every one of your preconceived notions concerning what kitchen utensils and office supplies should be. Bringing fun and funk together, psychedelic toasters are about the tamest of all the hand-painted products in-store and online.

Dustpan Pair

With store locations only in Paris and New York City, I remember stepping into the one on Spring Street in Manhattan and feeling like a five-year-old again.

Kickin’ It Up a Notch

Cheese-grating Lady     Pylones has a number of kitchen utensils. From squid whisks to mermaid bottle openers, it seems as though nothing is safe from earning a brand new incarnation. Seen here is a well-dressed woman from the 1950s. She brings the latest in cheese-grating fasion to today’s event, and stands on the very line between fashion and functionality.

Corporate Art

Bringing life to the office seems almost essential, and Pylones doesn’t drop the ball there, either. With an thumbtack spewing ladybug and colourful birds that hold on to your paperclips (and reactively chirp when you take one), the ideas have only just begun.

Alligator Staple Puller     This alligator staple puller is another example of Pylones love of playing with function and style. Their playful nature seems to fit just about anywhere.

All of the products seen here and many, many more can be found on the Pylones website and can be ordered therein. Keep it fun, keep it colourful.

Author: ruecian