Mathmos Illuminates Colorlove

Mathmos Illuminates Colorlove

From as early as the 1960s, colour and lights have been brought together in unconventional ways to the home. The defining product of the time was the lava lamp, and they find their ways into homes even today with all sorts of bases and tops to accommodate the tastes of the homes in which they appear. The driving force behind lava lamps, Mathmos, has become a radiant source for colour.

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Quiet Reminders

Today, light and colour come together in all new and exciting ways. It seems like everything with a circuit board has LEDs in it somewhere. An array of colours can tell you if something is charged completely, if it's on or simply has power, and so on. These subtle signals can tell us a number of things. With so much of our daily lives revolving around tiny coloured lights, it makes me all the more glad that Mathmos has taken ambient light to a new level.

Innovators, Inventors, Movers, Shakers

Mathmos has prided itself in becoming a company with brilliant ideas, and it shows in their work. In the vibrantly coloured LED Light series, they have created light devices that cycle through a range of colour, but also look, for lack of better phrasing, totally awesome.

The Mathmos Aduki, which was my first experience with Mathmos, is a device in the shape of the Aduki bean, with shiny metal on the bottom (with a smiling face on one end that you can put laces or wire through to hang it up) and frosty glass on the top, where the light can come through in cycles like blue to green, red to blue, or red to green. The device can also be stopped on a particular colour by using the same button to turn it one.   Aduki lights and colour samples

Even more advanced than the Aduki is the Ghost, which cycles through the colour spectrum. The Tuba is sound responsive. While also being able to cycle on its own, the Tuba displays a specific colour with each sound it picks up. As far as cuteness goes, the MiniLamp seems to take all. And, of course, they still do a variation of the lava lamp.

Not Exactly the Clapper ...

img   Another product of Mathmos is the Air Switch. Bright enough to read by, the Air Switch is just as it sounds -- no more turning twice for light, and twice for dark -- simply waving your hand at the top of the device brings steady illumination. The two designs to choose from resemble a chemistry flask and a jar, but both feature Mathmos' beloved frosted glass to make the light soft.

Finally, No Charges Appended

Whichever product you choose, shipping and taxes are already included in the price, and shipping is about five days to home or work. As they say, "The price you see is the price you pay." Simply follow this link, select your country, and bask in the brilliant light.

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interesting stuff. what intrigues me, though, is that i think there's a ghost in the mathmos logo picture. its very strange because it was there yesterday but i don't see it today. above the hm of mathmos yesterday there was an animated figure that looked like a flashlight shining on a person in a canvas or trench coat - just the sleeve/torso area. i thought it was odd but part of their concept. today i don't see it at all.. i'm getting a little freaked out... is it just me or is there a thing in the logo? it wasn't a reflection on my screen - it only appeared in the black part of that photo.

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