Wallpaper-by-Numbers for Easy, Fun Color

Wallpaper-by-Numbers for Easy, Fun Color

Particularly ideal for kids who just can't stop colouring the wall, or for a new creative outlet designer Jenny Wilkinson stumbled upon an idea in 2003 to create her own wallpaper that you can customise with colour. Though not really filled in with numbers, the paper is uncoloured, and takes seemingly any colouring medium.

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Patterns for Adults and Children

The repeating patterns of the wallpaper Wilikson designs remind me of 1950s wallpaper, and even some from Victorian Era (to an extent). And this is a good thing. From pineapples to hammerhead sharks, the designs are, at once, classy and playful. Wilkinson has particularly thought to create a range for children with fun shapes, rainbows, and magic-inspired creatures. The wallpaper serves as more of a banner than a wall cover, and can be placed at any height.

Where You Can Get Some of Your Own

Any of the patterns available can be viewed on Wilkinson's site, and pricing can be done over the phone (she's in the UK) or by e-mail.

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That's beyond cool! I need to get me some of that stuff :)
Wow. That's really cool.
oh, neat! i know i have problems keeping my colours off the wall. this would be fun to do with a group of people, i think!
It looks like it would take forever to finish painting / coloring on those .... fun though!
I'm not sure I have the patience for that... but perhaps it could be a form of meditation.
A review of the product said something like, "What a great excuse to get out of plans. (I can't come out tonight, I have to colour my wallpaper.)"
I wonder whether she has any Feynmann (nuclear subparticle interaction) diagrams. Somebody asked Richard Feynmann why he had painted Feynmann diagrams on the side of his van. He answered, "because I'm Feynmann."
Oh, I always planned that when I have kids I'll let them draw to walls of their rooms. One or two walls of wallpaper-by-number would be awesome.
great find. thanks!

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