Colors Out of the Closet

Colors Out of the Closet

Having recently done laundry, I couldn't help but notice the different colours I was pulling out of the dryer. What looking at those colours got me thinking about was something I've heard in conversation a few times: Comfort Colors.

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Socks & Shirts   Here is my palette: (Foregoing the risk of being too embarrassing, I have conveniently left out my colourful fish boxers, although they seem to be the most colourful things I own.)
socks and shirts

People often wear colours that they either like or make them look their best, obviously, but what I've heard, and experienced, is something of "comfort colours." Mine actually used to be black, despite there being barely any black in the photo. When I stopped wearing it, and now brown dominates, I felt incredibly exposed. A lot of what I wear tends to be dark still, but putting on the bright orange shirt from the photo above for the first time felt like I was violating so many of the eyes around me. Now, it's a 'comfort' shirt.

Make a palette or share a small photo of:

What's in Your Wardrobe.

Your Most Comfortable Colors.

What You Have or Wear the Most of.

Your Job Interview Outfit Colors.

Your First Date Outfit Colors.

Your Going Out On a Saturday night Colors.

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i wear a lot of blues, i've found. it is my favourite colour, but I have a few stand out pieces. those are not "comfort." i always feel really out of sorts and lacking in confidence when i wear them...which is why i don't do it often.

here's what my colours would be...i think.

my closet
If you catch me out and about... chances are I'm going to be wearing, white shoes, blue jeans, a COLOURlovers t-shirt & a jacket. (I have a few pairs of each, so don't worry about me smelling and having 5-day old clothes on.)

The Outfit of D
Awesome colours, you two. Thanks.
oh, fun - palette dress-up!

love, love faded t shirts and jeans for kicking around

cotton + denim.

and something simple - with great shoes, of course, for going out!

all dressed up.
I'm rather plain when It comes to clothing. I feel most comfortable in black though. a good portion of my shirts are black and most are tee's. on any given day you will usually find me wearing a black tee, dark jeans and either a black or red belt.


shoes are were my colors come from usually. orange reeboks, lime and yellow sauconys, multi colored dunks, red sambas . . . . and the list goes on and on.
I have a rather limited pallette of the following. I like blues a great deal, but quite enjoy wearing brown.

I'll actually attach the palette this time.. (I hope)

here's a few more that I've made in the past... apparently this is a theme I've been able to identify with!

a favourite t-shirt:

favourite t.

an outfit... fairly common for me:

satin ballet flats.

and one for the lads/ at work:

change clothes.

or on walkabout:

street style.
here are a few i did before:

smelly socks
too tight pants
and i love the photo above so i did this one:
ruecian's laundry
My closet is full of colour-love;

in the wardrobe

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