More Than 300 Very Confused People

One of the fun features of COLOURlovers is that we allow our members to name the colors and palettes they upload. This ends up doing some interesting things on the search engines as we get indexed for the totally random things that people choose as names.

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Looking back in our recent stats, here are a few examples of people who ended up at COLOURlovers when probably looking for something totally different...

2 Searching for "how to put on a tutu"


4 Searching for "erin go brahless"


2 Searching for "kickinthenuts"


49 Searching for "Granny Sex"


25 Searching for "toasted mango"


9 Searching for "Dirty Underwear"


3 Searching for "No Panties"


5 Searching for "how to make c4"


9 Searching for "Naked Woman"


2 Searching for "its hard to kiss the lips that chew"


193 People Searching for "Lovers"

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Haha, fantastic. i think im going to addapt my names now to mess about with werid people on google!
We'll try to help you out. Which way did you come in?
oh man, that's hilarious. who would google "granny sex"? sick people these days! :)
Who would name a color Granny Sex? BTW, here's a palette done as an homage to this list, plus a new one of my own (I expect lots of groans)
Oops, try again
Dirty Words
Here's another revision to the "How to make c4" idea, also.
How To Make Dynamite
Is there a timelag on palette badge posting?
Nope... the image tag just wasn't included in your link. I fixed it.
Ha! Who knew Toasted Mangoes were all the rage? ;)
that is just fantastic - they must have been thoroughly confused when they got here! XD
This was done almost a year ago. I wonder what some recent searches would show (in the domain statistics).

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