Color Symbolism: Pink

Color Symbolism: Pink

Being half red, many of the characteristics of red are found in pink. A warm colour, pink is welcoming, and stands for romance and passion. Paired with red, and sometimes white, pink is the colour of St. Valentine's Day, a holiday based on showing love to the people around you.

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Pink is also a delicate colour. Perceived as feminine in the United States, it is also the colour of innocence and purity in Japanese culture. I always associate pink with spring, and most of the flowers that bloom, like the cherry blossoms. In giving pink flowers, the general sentiment is that of gratitude and friendship, an appreciation for another person over all.

Connotations of pink from Design Meltdown: Passion, romance, love, innocence, soothing, relaxing, fresh, sensuous, restful, tranquilizing, marriage, healthy, happy, sweet, nice, playful, good health, life, sexuality, purity, gratitude, appreciation, feminine, fun, free.

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In Japan, the porn industry is called the pink industry. Not entirely in line with the innocence and purity symbolism. Although, it's not entirely out of line with it either if you know anything about Japanese porn.
That puts an all new twist on "tickled pink."
Are you calling the out the Princess of Pink?

I'm narcissistic!

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