Color for the Blind

Color for the Blind

As part of his required materials and courses, Victor Wong, a graduate of Hong Kong University, now studying at Cornell in New York City, has to be able to read weather maps like any other student.

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The complication with this is that Wong has been blind since age seven. Following the well-known phrase "Necessity is the mother of invention," Wong has create software that turns colour into sound. While not publically available, the windows this software could open for the blind not only speak for inclusion, but would allow for a whole new world in the exploration of the visual arts. The software itself assigns eighty-eight different piano notes to specific pixels, and plays them when a stylus-like tool is guided over corresponding colours.

To learn more, the story can be found here.

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That's amazing! If it could only be available to the public, it could entirely change the way that people perceive not only colour, but music as well.
i think this is such an intriguing concept. my husband is a musician and we talked about this. he thought it very interesting as well. very cool.
I think the most interesting part is some of this technology exists already. It's commonly seen for recognising words, and has even been seen in children's learning tools in the form of a light pen that can be guided over words, and then the machine reads it back. It's almost about time that they started working on this. I wish there were news updates on this, but the oldest I can find is 2005.

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