Colors Seen Travelling

Travelling is always a great experience. Between the good memories you make, the beautiful places you see, and the things you take back with you, whether they are photographs or souvenirs, holidays and even business trips grant the opportunity of different perspectives.

Over the past two days, I’ve been in a car (briefly), five trains, on foot for more than ten hours, on one plane with two landings for five hours, and back in another car for some time. Where I find myself is in Oklahoma, very close to Oklahoma City.

Remaining Calm In the Airport
I really started to notice the use of colour with specific intent in the airport, where suddenly everything was neutral or soothing blues. Parts of the building itself (I flew Amercian Airlines out of La Guardia) were a soft tan brick, and the floors were a light mix of whites and browns throughout. The only bright colours involved were the searing yellows telling you where to go for tickets, restrooms, food, security … wherever you might be going.

Flash Flooding
A lot of the lower mid-west is flooding because of an overhanging weather system that believes in constantly crashing with thunder and pour itself down over the same areas. What I was able to see (no thanks be to the engine right outside my window) were the typical patchwork farms, the strange formations of neighbourhoods, and these overflowing rivers and lakes. Houses under water.

It’s very strange to come from mostly clear days … although, we’ve had our strange weather where I live, too. The end of winter swung like a pendulum between unseasonably warm to back down under freezing. I feel like it made people even more antsy for warm weather than usual.

Anyway —

I wanted to share some of the colours I saw, but because I forgot to buy batteries, I don’t have pictures just yet. So, here’s what I can do —

Here’s what I saw at theAirport and the flooding I saw from the window of the airplane.

What colours do you remember from travelling?

Do airport colours keep you calm?

Have you travelled recently and seen something unusual?

What colours have you seen in natural disasters?

Share those colours with us.

Author: ruecian