What Color(s) are You?

What Color(s) are You?

Got a close-up of yourself?

Can you crop one?

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Let's see what you look like, lovers.

In Hex.

Using the Picture Palette Inspiration function in the palette creation screen, pick out the colours that strike you the most ... and then show us all here. If you can't link to the image properly, let one of us here do the legwork for you. Just post the link, and in a matter of time, we'll fix up the image link.

If you can, try to take inspiration from more specific shots, like different croppings of maybe your eyes, hair, or skin.

Here's one I made of myself --


Show me what you've got.

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OK lets have a go:

That's Me!

Lets see if that works.

Great idea, ruecian! That was fun. I am vain enough to want to do a couple more!
Here is mine:

the colours of me.
Looking great, everyone. I mean -- Nice palettes.

Thanks for sharing.
here's one i did based on my avatar when i changed it. the new me
here we go: colors of krystal
Nifty idea!
Here's me: Girls With Glasses
Such a Fun Idea... Love It

Here's My Colours:
I am Iris and I love colors
This is me:
Interesting idea! Here's a palette called Sainte-Marie, taken from my profile pic:

This is me:

Here's mine...

Pulled the hex codes straight from the image:
My first palette! Fun idea. :)
My colors.

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