Color Symbolism: Purple

Color Symbolism: Purple

Not generally found in nature, Purple is almost hard to find in use even now. When first introduced, purple had become a symbol of royalty, as only the very wealthy could afford it, purple being many times more expensive than gold. A combination of blue and red, purple can be both romantic and mysterious. It is also the colour of morning in Thailand.

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Purple is perceived generally as a feminine colour. Given to either side of its blue and red combination, it possessed the duality of both cool and warm capabilities. Lighter shades speak more on friendliness than the dark shades and their speaking on wealth.

Connotations of purple from Design Meltdown: Royalty, prosperity, wealth, Easter, spirituality, wisdom, healing, nobility, romantic, delicate, cheerful, feminine, justice, mystery, mourning, death, humility, and purity.

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For some reason I really end up associating dark purples with mourning/death for the most part.
On the other hand light purples I usually see as being fun,fresh, and lively.
"Not generally found in nature"? What about iodine? What about potassium permanganate? What about one eyed, one horned flying purple people eaters? What about Barney?
The thing about purple for me is that its not really a mix of blue and red. That gives you a greyish or browny purply colour, because the colour we consider to be red actually contains so much yellow. To get a lovely deep or bright purple you need to mix magenta (more pink than red) and blue.
i was told that they use the lighter, grayer shades of purple to paint prisons and stuff because its considered a calming color.

i worked in a mall that was painted that color, and it was the most depressing place.

i think its impressive that purple can be so many things. the deep plum purples are among my favorite colors.. but the grayish dead purples are sad and dead looking. in the spring, the appearance of violets can make someone so happy....
"Purple is almost hard to find in use even now.'

Look in my wardrobe baby. It's everywhere.
You could always show us, Preestyle.

And comparable to other naturally occuring colours, just like food is rarely blue, purple is a lot less frequent. That's what I meant by that. I didn't mean it doesn't exist, by any means, as it ... does. Otherwise, it never would've made into our lives.
In Indonesia, people sometimes call it "warna janda" or the colour of widow. This is not tied in to mourning but the status of being a widow.
Oh, wow. Thanks, vaneea. That's really interesting.
Purple is also a symbol of confidence; wear it to job interviews to subtly tell the interviewer that you can do it!
Purple stimulates creativity and, office, kitchen or bedroom...
; }
Oh, yes! Black, brown and purple. A subtle touch of orange to *comfort* the interviewer and you're good to go!
= ]

Saskya wrote:
Purple is also a symbol of confidence; wear it to job interviews to subtly tell the interviewer that you can do it!
Purple is new, is odd, is daring. I don't see it as a feminine color, just maybe when we think about lavender and clothing. I've got an attorneys company as a client, I chose purple for their main color and it works greatly!!

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