Color-shifting Lenses

Making things smaller and better is the way of the technological world. New devices and idea seem to be surfacing from everywhere each week, and this week a device that everyone may soon be able to enjoy has shown up —

And it’s not just for geeks.

From a ten dollar pair at Wal-Mart to gaudy-excused-for-fashion pairs that cost more than you’d like to accidentally sit on, sunglasses have remained unchanged for some time, aside from Polarisation and fade tints. Transitions lenses may be soon seeing some competition with a latest development that changes … and on demand at that.

Changing within about one to two seconds, researchers at the University of Washington have developed a pair of lens that are “more controllable, more active, more intelligent, and dramatically improve lens function,” says Chunye Xu, research assistant professor. The lens material is actually plastic, and responds when a watch battery in the glasses discharges electricity, and can change between a range of colours between blue, green, yellow, and purple.

The technology itself boasts to be cheaper, and rightfully so as the glasses are made from organic materials. Though still primitive looking under development, I’d argue that they look better already compared to most glasses out there today.

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Author: ruecian