COLOURlovers T-Shirts

COLOURlovers T-Shirts

I finally got around to putting a store online for COLOURlovers to take their love offline and share it with the world. There are currently just 2 designs up right now... The COLOURlove Test & the COLOURlovers Logo Shirt.

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If you want to design some shirts for the store let me know.

Click Here to View the COLOURlovers t-Shirts

P.S. I've priced all the shirts at pretty much cost... so get your SHIRTlove quick!

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love the design :) - overly geneous pricing... any plans to make baby doll versions?

[sic] generous
BabyDoll is one of the options from the dropdown under "model."

Cheers, -Darius
I have to get one to match my shoes!
sorry for the oversight!
I ask myself why you have chosen this logo for your shirt? It looks like an Ishihara Plate which is used for testing color blindness. At least it hasn't to many colors, otherwise I wouldn't even see the heart in it. - Daniel
Daniel, That is why that shirt design is called the COLORlove Test. It is based off of the color blind test. And I'm glad you can still see the heart.
is there anyway that you would consider shrinking down the COLOURtest image so it's diameter is about two inches? while i love the idea for the shirt, the current image is just too loud for me to wear. just a suggestion ;)

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