Colorful Designer Hotel Rooms

Colorful Designer Hotel Rooms

Last month I was in the lovely city of Toronto, ON and we stayed in one of the design districts in a very cool place called The Gladstone Hotel. This old building is one of a small group of hotels that has brought in a group of designers to customize a single room, each. What you get is a wide variety of totally unique places to crash in.

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We ended up getting "The Postcard" room, that had lots of photo-montages of forests and natural scenes. It almost would have been better to room hop for the three nights we were in town just to enjoy more of the designer's experiences, but that would have meant a lot of packing and un-packing. (Plus, with a great bar downstairs and close by it took me most of the next day just to get my head back on straight.)

I first read about these designer hotels a while back, when I found a link to the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen. I think There is even one just north of me in Seattle, WA.

Designer hotels just must be in the color air right now, because fellow color Enthusiast Rachel over at Hue Consulting just blogged about these great designer hotels.

Have you stayed in one of these hotels?

Is there one in your area?

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Thanks for the mention in your article! I would love to stay in one of these hotels some day...

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