Favorite Colors: A Closer Look

Favorite Colors: A Closer Look

It's undesputed -- blue is a favourite colour regardless of gender or age.

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Women Top Favourites:
1. Blue
2. Purple
3. Green

For women, top favourite colours are cool, and preference for the colours green, purple, and orange decrease with age. Other favoured colours are pink, lavender, and turquoise, and it is said that most women prefer cooler colours as favourites overall.

Men Top Favourites:
1. Blue
2. Green
3. Black

For men, top favourite colours are blue, green, and black, being two cool and one neutral. The least top favourites are brown, orange, and purple, and they typically stay away from colours like lavender, pink, and turqoise because they're more feminine. Affinity for orange and green decrease with age, while reluctance with brown and people also decrease with age.

What I'd like to see is what you think, lovers.

What's your favourite colour?

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My favorite colors are orange and purple, and I happen to be color deficient, as discussed in an earlier post. I like orange because of the energy and the fact that I don't commonly mistake it for any other color. I also like the richness of purple. In order for me to see purple and not blue it has to be really purple.
Thanks for sharing keb. I can definitely understand that. And interesting about orange's energy. Would you agree with the symbols I raised in the orange colour symbolism post?
my favorites are probably greens, browns, turquoise, reds and black.
when i was little my favorites were green and purple (my current room is lavender walls with almost lime green trim. . . i was in 5th grade give me a break!)
as I got older it was red and black.
now there are just too many and I blame it on colourlovers.
lately though I've been all about greens, dark browns and dusty burgundy.

I like blue but it's nowhere near my favorite. most women I know love blue. my mom, my grandma, my best friends but I just don't find it that appealing only when it's leaning toward turquoise do I really enjoy it.
I wonder why it is that there are so many overlapping similarities with people and favourite colours. Even trends of colour, like your room. It doesn't have to "match" for us to like it until we grow older ... and is that a recognition of a concept or a sign or growing?
Ruecian, that is interesting. Do you mean that maybe which colours dont "go together" is a system that we learn as we grow older? Like a cultural thing?

Which colours are my favorites depends on the context. I like certain colours in my clothing because they suit me, but also because of the weather . I love a combination of strong blue-green peacock , and a hot flame red orange. Some colours seem flat to me - like some blue's and some greens. But I dont like purple much, unless it has no chalky quality. Must be rich and dark and glowing too. I love colours that sort of oscillate between hues - from red to brown, blue to green, red to orange, purple to red...
What a great topic!

When I was small, I was crazy for purple, any shade. Then my fav was green -- first car was a foresty shade. And I went through an obligatory goth stage -- dark, dark, dark.

My current favorite is a triad of cobalt, ruby, and chartreuse, very parrot-like. I'm obsessed with it, to the point of having a little difficulty making anything not in that combination.
jaimebienlesfruits: I'm surprised red isn't on their, either. I remember playing in the Everybody Votes Channel on the Nintendo Wii, and there was a question between favourites being blue or red, and surprising, there were a lot for red.

klip: I would dare suggest that it's just another social norm. Children colouring or dressing themselves just use colours that they like to draw with or wear. It's only when the parents shake their heads and change something on them that they think twice about it. I'd also suggest that culture plays into it. Here in the States, at least, if you wear pink and you're male, people will look at you differently and call you horrible names. Although that's fading a little, since pink is on the upswing of a trend, it goes along with how wearing green in the sixties was supposed to suggest that you were homosexual.

Dia: I love that you had an obligatory goth stage. But your parrot love certainly is beautiful. Cobalt was a favourite blue of mine for a time, and my change dish was even introduced during that phase. In fact, I have a cobalt blue martini glass. And I hate martinis. Personally, I wear a lot of darker colours, but I've been on a sort of campaign against black. I've been wearing earthtones, mostly, along with my old favourite blues.
no question, red is my absolute favourite. i also love the turquoise/aqua colours. I am not all that crazy about blues. i mentioned this at a painting class and the teacher pointed out that i was wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt. i guess i just don't work well with blues. they tend to run together for me and remind me of purple, another colour i don't care much for. i used to absolutely hate purple, but now i respect it (thanks to colourlovers, i think). like despise, i only really like blue if its on the warm side (toward green), and purples if they are more burgundy/reddish.
What I find interesting is that the colours people wear are so influenced by where they live. From what I have seen, people who live in big cities wear lots of very neutral or dark colours. Grey, black, brown and often neutralish blues. That said, this does not apply to people who live in Durban. Its always funny to watch people who have moved to Durban from Joburg or Cape Town . In the beginning (esp if they are from Joburg) they will wear ONLY BLACK AND WHITE. Or grey. Religiously. And then one day they will come to work with a blazing tropical shirt on - and that it. The brighter the better from then on. Durban is very tropical and multicultural, and it gets under your skin!
Those are my favorite colours. Blue and Black. Greens not really my thing. Very simple to say that most do fall under those categories.
i always thought red was a fave with men. i enjoy the quality of the material such as glass, fabric or as they arefound in their natural form that gives the color it's intensity.
Well I have to say that purple was ten times more appealing than blue for me at any point. But now I do lean a bit to an Aqua-Turqoise color =]

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