Color Blindness as Seen Through Color Blind Eyes —  A Blog

Color Blindness as Seen Through Color Blind Eyes — A Blog

Colblindor was started in early 2006 when Daniel Flück created a blog based on colour blindness, as most of the resources about the topic are scattered. The blog has actually become quite the comprehensive resource, addressing types of colour blindness and how to distinguish between types of colour blindness, such as the aforementioned Protanopia.

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To learn more, visit his site here.

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Hey, I'm curious: since there are filters to show us how colours look to "normal" people, are there filters/tools the other way round. I noticed quite a few colour blind people mentioned they were painters or artists.
There are filers that you can employ out there. I'm not sure of where exactly to get them, but I've seen them before. You can also edit your display properties to put out certian colours. There ... was a site, I think, that would allow you to see the same page in three filters. Let me get back to you on this.

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