Color-smitten in Philadelphia

Color-smitten in Philadelphia

In the past week, the weather has really lifted my spirits. Between the three-day rainstorm and the now seventy degree days, paired with a steady wind, each day has been perfect.

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This weekend, I found myself on a day trip to Philadelphia. I went down for a few reasons, one of which was to see the Sakura trees mentioned a few posts back, and with the passing rains and rising temperatures, they have already started scattering. The variety I found in the city was only pink on the outside, toward the base of the petal.

Whenever I enter a city, new or familiar, I stay away from the tourist attractions. I can't say whether it's the sensationalism or the feeling as if it's been done before, but I always seem to enjoy myself more in finding my own attractions in a new place.

What I found about Philadelphia is that it's a very brown city. A wonderful brown at that. It's a city that still believes in, and strongly at that, its history. From the low-lying brick homes to the few skyscraping buildings, it carried a very open feeling, something I don't usually associate with cities. The parks there were all in bloom, and the scents on the wind were enough to make me stop in mid-stride.

To say the day was beautiful would be an understatement.

Though my original objective turned out to be time wasted, the rest of the day, and the drive to and from taught me something that I don't think I should share just now. I wish I brought my camera with me to show you all, but I have too often a tendency to travel lightly.

What I will share is this -- my favourite uses of colour were the narrow cobblestone streets where cars can't go, the bold bricks that somehow fit with subtlety into the sides of houses, the wrought iron fencing that was everywhere, the grape jelly I didn't use at lunch, the Cherry Blossom trees, the limestone markers in every cemetery, the Delaware River and all its might, and the sun shining off of the faces of every person I passed by.

Can you find inspiration in what some would consider commonplace?

How was your weekend, and what did you do?

Is there something you would've rather done, or done again?

Share your stories, inspirations, and feelings.

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I wish I had been in Philly we could have had a colourlovers day trip!
I'm moving there in June and I still haven't done any of the touristy things but I do plan on taking a bus tour,seeing some museums and trying to find the haunted Philadelphia tour because I think I remember hearing about one and that seems so interesting.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about Philly being a brown city. one of my favorite things is the cobblestone still in random places all over the city. I love the little hidden side streets that are not alleys and the iron work on some gates is just amazing.
Philly is a very open city, it's huge and sprawling. I love how there are some huge buildings but they aren't overpowering and everywhere like in nyc.

Did you happen to go to rittenhouse square? when I was there in late march it was starting to bloom a bit and was absolutely beautiful. I need to get to fairmount park also and see laurel hill cemetery because it looks beautiful from what I could see from the road.

about finding inspiration in ordinary things, my essay for admission to uarts was about what I get inspiration from and pretty much the whole thing was about how I love to find the beauty in everyday things. Like I love the drive to work in the morning or the view from my bathroom and bedroom windows. I enjoy the way the sun shines through my kitchen curtains at 6am how it's orange and red and stunning. Simplicity is a beautiful thing in my book and I honestly think that finding small things to enjoy is key in life.
Laurel Hill Cemetery is amazingly beautiful. It was one of the places that stopped me. There's a Veteran's Memorial Park along the river, just by the highway that runs to 95. I didn't stray from Centre City. I was mostly around South Street, 15th Street and east.

Is this essay you spoke about readily available? I'd love to read it ...

Thanks for sharing, despise.
Center city is nice and there is a lot to do. when you go farther out its more houses and apartments and things.
I'll be spending a lot of time in that exact area. my school is right there. One of the main buildings is on the corner of broad and pine right next to the kimmel center.
It's a really nice area with tons of things to do.

I'm sure I can find it on my computer, I'll look for it for you.
I must've walked right by it.

Philadelphia gave me something two days ago, and I'm truly excited about it. I'm excited to see what will happen the next time I'm in New York City.

Do you go to New York City often? I've lived there twice ...

And thank you, about the essay. I'll return something to you, something I'm working on, if you'd like.
I don't go often but I try to get there a few times a year. Hopefully before I move I'll get to go if not then when I have some free time during the school year.

I must have deleted the essay because I can't find it anywhere. I'll keep looking but things are looking so good.
yes i can find inspiration in things,places and little things that other people might not pay much attention to:)

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