Sounding Off on Color

Sounding Off on Color

Certain eras or time periods in life, like the Golden Years, have been defined by colour. Anniversaries, holidays, and seasons all have specific associated colours to serve as markers for these specific markers.

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Couldn't the same thing be said about music?

Periods of music have often been tied to colour, like Golden Oldies, Moody Blues or Psychedelic Tracks. In fact, despite 'psychedelic' having the original, actual connotation of being something manifested of the mind, it has come to mean something that is brightly coloured and chaotically patterned, coined by the music of that era.

Taking a look at your own music library, what are the colours you would associate with your collection?

Are those colours different from the ones typically associated with what you listen to?

Have you ever had a need to listen to a 'blue' or 'orange' song?

See if you can make a colour or palette of your favourite songs or albums.

Whatever you do, don't forget to share.

Tag it with 'music' and post it here!

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ah now this is right up my alley. A good portion of the palettes I make are about music and as far as I know almost all of them are tagged with music. (they use to be tagged with music inspired as one tag but that doesn't work anymore.) I just checked and currently I have 15 PAGES(!!!!) of palettes involving music.

I guess the ones I took a good amount of time on would be this set of palettes : Who Will Survive. I made a palette for each of the 10 songs on the album "who will survive and what will be Left of them" by murder by death.
I took some time and thought about the song and what colors reminded me of each. To me, they work really well but I'm sure to some people it might not.

Since I usually make lots of palettes involving music I'd really love to see what other people think. I know there are quite a few lovers who have made tons of music related/inspired palettes and I really enjoy seeing how people "see" certain songs.
That's a genius palette, I think. The contrast is lovely, especially. I'm really interested in and excited about seeing what other people put up, too.

I think making a palette associated with something, not just music, sort of brings out the emotions of it even more.

And great idea about tagging it with 'music.'
I've been listening to the Stars album "Do You Trust Your Friends?" which is a remix album of their release "Set Yourself on Fire." I think I actually like the remix album better ... and despite the connotation of "remix" to be heavily laden with techno, the first, and my favourite track, is layered with strings and a haunting piano.

So, here's that:

I am trying to say..
I made a palette out my music collection... Though, when you go to view the link below, please make sure to read the description before you react to the colours. =x

the music of me
how do you make a like like that?
here's the first one that popped into my head. i did this one listening to kashmir because it feels so dark and mysterious. dark and mysterious to me is always red...

i've done quite a few others based on music, too. i just can't remember them now.
oh, yeah. here's one
Wow, thanks, Liz. I'm loving that second one especially. Thanks for playing a bit.
here's another music inspired palette i just made. i love this song! perfectly aligned

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