Warm, Welcoming Brown

Warm, Welcoming Brown

Not exactly a color that comes to mind first when designing a website, but brown has been a pretty popular color lately.

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TutorialBlog, a website that aims to become a resource not only for Photoshop techniques, but for web design as well, and brilliantly shows their stuff in this collection of shots, proven to even the skeptics that brown does very well online.

"Brown can be a warm natural color which lends it’s self well to the web, which is why there are so many sites using it, that makes this compilation one of the easiest so far. Today we bring you the best websites using brown …"

Connotations of brown : Warmth, comfort, steady, conservative, earthy, natural, nature, down-to-earth, wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, health, honesty, old, and aged. - Design Meltdown

For even more brown inspiration check out Design Meltdown's Brown Website Inspiration

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I've always been a fan of deep warm browns, being the nature girl that i am. I much prefer natural brown clay bodies and glazes that accentuate them. My students prefer the white clay with the gaudy bright glazes and fail to understand my attempts to have them appreciate the natural colours.
I wear alot of browns and I do enjoy the color alot =]

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