Three Days of Rain

Three Days of Rain

Happy Sunday, Lovers.

After hearing that a Noreaster was predicted, and watching the locals scramble, as is typical, for food at the last minute, I was almost ready for ten inches of wet, heavy snow again, despite it being mid-April. Where I live, in the sharp-looking part of New York State, it's pretty common for the weather to play games with us. This especially means getting our hopes up for a lush spring.

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It's not so much that I mind it. In fact, I find "undesired" weather, like rain, snow, and overcast days, to be the most magical. Today, instead of snow, we are being shown that for the next three days, we will have the precipitation originally predicted, except as rain.

This put me in mind of what rain promises. Between the various flowers my mother kept while growing up, memories of Easter Egg hunts in the mud, and broad leaves to take cover beneath in the hot summer ... I can't help but be just a little happier today.

What does rain make you think about? What's your favourite sort of weather? What are you looking forward to with the change of seasons? What colours come to mind for you?

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most people here know i am not a big fan of purple/violet colours. however, i love them in nature. i guess i just don't like "synthetic" purple. my favourite flowers are mostly purple. my birthday is may 1st, and it seems that every year, just for my birthday, the lilac bushes put on a wonderful show for me. they always bloom sometime within a week (before or after) my birthday.

my father tended a wisteria for years. when it finally bloomed about 8 years after he planted it, it was spectacular. every year he waited for the blooms, and each year's display was more stunning than the last. eventually the tree began to take over the house, though, growing into the roof and eaves. after my father passed it was very hard to convince my mother to cut it back, but we had to. it still blooms, and baby wisterias are popping up all around it. Now i have two wisterias that came from seeds of that plant. They are about 5 years old and have not bloomed yet, but i'm patient. maybe this will be the year they put out their wonderful purple blooms.

i have some flowers that i always thought were wildflowers. they brought themselves. i did not plant them, but i do love them. they are in a perfect location by the fence. last year a contractor we had doing some repair work commented that he loved my phlox. i didn't know that's what they were. i always think of the ground cover phlox, but these tall periwinkle blooms that came on a breeze are a welcome addition to my garden.
Thank you for your beautiful response. One of my favourite flowers that my mother kept was already in the yard of the house we lived in. She just helped it flourish. That was the ground-sprawling periwinkle, and it loved making its beds beneath the hemlock trees. It was always nice to see that splash of blue coming out from the shadows.

I've always been reluctant to keep plants, but I really want to start ... I heard orchids are fickle, expensive, and tempermental, but I really want to give them a go.

A lot of my summer recreation is spent hiking. One thing that I'm looking forward to on my Earth Day hike, which really starts my frequency, is the blooming of the Mountain Laurels. They're these little white cups, and, as cups do, they catch the rains and perfume the breezes with their sweet scent.

It's going to be a great year.
late spring/early summer is definitely my favourite time of year: all the flowers and new plants, the grass cutting (which i happen to like) and garden preparing! early spring is - well - now. muddy and unpredictable. late summer is so hot and scorched that the once gorgeous yard is brown and crying. i don't water the grass. i water my garden occasionally, and the outside plants, but my main gardening philosophy is survival of the fittest.

i love my tropical plants (palms, bananas, etc.) that grow out on the deck in the summer. they're happy there, too. i bring them in during the winter and they hate it, and it shows.

summer is also great because i'm out of school! if you want to keep having your summers off, like you did when you were a kid, go into education!
rain will always make me think of home. my house is pretty much the same color as the sky on a rainy day and well I live in new england and it tends to rain all the time so that just drives that point home for me really. In philly it rains a lot too so when I move I won't feel so homesick.

I'd have to say my favorite time of year is fall with spring in a close second. I enjoy winter but it's not as special. I love the crisp autumn air and the smell of dried leaves. How everything turns from just green to an amazing array of colors.
I love spring because of the rainy beginning and the beautiful middle and end. I love flowers so seeing them bloom everywhere is the best. At our new place we've decided to have window boxes and a planter in back since we don't have a front or backyard. Hopefully the flowers we plant will make up for the lack of any type of yard.

when I was little I lived in Maine and then summer was my favorite. We had a lake at the end of our road and I'd spend most days there swimming with my mom and just having fun.
Recently though I've come to enjoy the summers. Long nights outside in lawn chairs with friends talking over a fire or having a barbecue. Those memories will stay with me forever.

so I guess in general I kind of love all seasons. weather on the other hand I'll take the rain and some snow and nice sunny breezy days but you can keep the hot,humid,tropical days of august. I'm most definitely not a fan.
August and I don't really get along, either. Summer and I don't necessarily see each other, either, but summer rain is always wondrous for my spirits.

I stand with you on Autumn and Spring. I'm not sure which I like better, though. When it's Spring, I lean more toward it, and the same goes for Autumn's magic.

You love of summer is the reason why I still am glad of it. Being actually outside with friends is great ... longer days and warm nigths are even better. Though I'm not stranger or hater of the cold, my friends tend to be, and walking alone isn't always a fun pass-time.

Thanks for sharing.
I hate cold and I love hot and humid. I think I was mistakenly born here - I was meant to be born in a tropical zone. I could happily live in Jamaica all year round and never miss the winter. I love when I've been inside an air conditioned place (wearing my sweatshirt because its always too cold) and I step outside into the humidity that slaps you in the face. Aaaaaahhh! We rented a house on the beach in NC once when I was just out of college. I got my own room because everybody wanted the air on and I didn't. I just closed my door and opened the windows, bringing in the smell of the ocean and the humid air.

I'm not a fan of any precipitation, but I do love a good storm. The best part is right before it arrives - when the sky is so dark against the very light leaves who've turned inside out to soak up the rain. You can hear the thunder and see the lightning but you're still out in it because it hasn't started raining just yet...
Oh - I love rain. Cape Town is a rainy winter city, although lately it seems the climate has changed and we have had a few scarily dry winters. Warmer than they used to be...

I find the thing which makes me uncomfortable with any weather is being in a car. When I lived in Durban - in Natal, which is sub tropical and just right for you, lizcrimson :), I only really got uncomfortable in the humid hot weather when in a car. You get so HOT! Walking out in the heat, you just have to relax into it. That kind of weather, you cannot fight it! I also dont like the aircon.

Durban's rainfall is in the summer, which is so strange to me. Big, warm drops, usually at the same time of day - in the afternoon. Cape Town rain can be soft and misty and last for days and days - and once again although its convenient not to have to walk around in it, being in a car that mists up and having to deal with rainy weather traffic is the worst part of winter.

Cape Town rain storms - real drama queen weather - WIND and RAIN and HAIL and MORE WIND - Oh I love it, its so strong and real. But then I also remember that we have so many homeless people, and people living in shacks and shanty towns, and for them the rain is not so romantic...

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