Shifting Gears on Color

Shifting Gears on Color

In world of ads that change colours and shapes as you walk by, it's no surprise that colour changes have started to sneak into the auto-industry. In 2006, a special edition of the Scion xB, for example, was released with a base coating of black paint. Getting a closer look, and when it drives by, a brilliant copper shines back at the eyes.

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Using a type of paint that has been specially designed for Mary Kay cars, the classic trademark pink Cadillac gets a sleek new look with a layer of silver paint on top of that base pink, resulting in a car that almost sells the products inside for the driver.

The company responsible for this self-proclaimed "New Black" is JDS Uniphase with their ChromaFlair line of paints. Playing on the properties of refraction, they boast, and rightfully so, being able to employ a whole spectrum of colours and combinations to make your product, your possession, or even accessory really outshine the others.

While it sounds like it's either one colour or the other, ChromaFlair actually cycles through the colours between. For example, Magneta to Gold paint 'shifts from magenta through red, orange and gold into yellow.'

The only foreseeable problem is being in a hit-and-run accident with a car painted beautifully in ChromaFlair. Imagine describing, "Well, when I saw it cross over three lanes from the far left lane into where I was, it was kind of black, but then when it hit me, it was purple, and then I think it was green when it was speeding away."

Laboratories will be incredibly busy with drug tests until this trend catches more eyes. Colour-changing products, thought to be dead after the eighties, have been resurfacing from time-to-time, though the latest trend has been with colour-cycling light devices. This product seems to bridge those two ideas, minus needing power, heat, or water.

As far as being readily available from car dealers themselves, JDS Uniphase is hoping to have their products widespread by 2010, with love especially for orange. It's looking to be a very colourful future.

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my friend use to drive a car painted with what I'm guessing was chromaflair or something like it. for years we've always just called it chameleon paint.

I really enjoy some of the colors I've seen others just seemed sort of tacky (my friends car being the latter of the two).

There is a Mary K center across from my work so I'm going to be on the lookout for that pink Cadillac.
We need the super technology to create such colours that can be viewed online in all of their magnificent/confusing glory. :)
I saw one of the Mary Kay cars at the grocery store the other day. I am not a big fan of pink cars, but this was gorgeous. I had never seen one before. It gets your attention in a good way. It is has a pearl looking top coat, but it doesn't look tacky. Very rich and chic.

There are some acrylic artists colors called "interference". It utilizes a technology that mimics the way colors appear on oil when it floats on water - if you know what I mean. That is what the Mary Kay car looked like. Now I have to see the Scion xB. It sounds like interference technology was used in the paint.

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