Top 10 Car Colors 2006

Top 10 Car Colors 2006

According to DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Survey Results between 2006, the most popular choices have been tallied.

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And these are the facts.

Luxury Cars
1. White/White Pearl - 25%
2. Black - 22%
3. Silver - 16%
4. Grey - 12%
5. Blue - 7%
6. Red - 7%
7. Yellow/Gold - 6%
8. Green - 3%
9. Light Brown - 2%
10. Others - <1%

1. Silver - 18%
2. Black - 15%
3. Grey - 15%
4. Red - 15%
5. Blue - 13%
6. White/White Pearl - 10%
7. Light Brown - 6%
8. Yellow/Gold - 4%
9. Green - 2%
10. Others - 2%

1. Silver - 25%
2. Blue - 13%
3. Gray - 12%
4. White/White Pearl - 12%
5. Black - 10%
6. Red - 10%
7. Light Brown - 10%
8. Green - 4
9. Yellow/Gold - 4%
10. Others <1%

1. White/White Pearl - 26%
2. Silver - 16%
3. Gray - 13%
4. Black - 13%
5. Red - 11%
6. Blue - 10%
7. Light Brown - 6%
8. Green - 4%
9. Yellow/Orange - 1%
10. Others - <1%

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Why is there barely any orange love? ;(
Silver is my least favorite color on cars. For some reason people always refer to it as the "safe" color, as in, "It will have a higher re-sale value if it's silver; silver is a timeless color" ... but there are very few cars that are timeless, so why bother with silver for your Ford Focus? I'd sooner go for a red or blue over silver ... but that's just me.
I'd, honestly, be more likely to buy something other than silver because it's just so ... ironically lackluster. Not that I really want a shiny, pretty car ... I just would rather something with definite colour.
Pureform, is just estatitcs, usually the number of grey cars envolved on accidents it's less.
the other day on my fifteen minute drive to work i started to notice that every car i had seen was either silver or white. i started to keep track. for the rest of the way (about another 10 minutes) i only saw 2 cars that had ANY color at all! those two were teal. there were a few black and gray cars, but seriously, every car on the road except for those two (and mine-burgundy) were neutrals. it was very strange. after i started watching and it didn't change everything took on a twilight zone feeling, as though all colour had been drained from the world.
oh, and orange love? i did see what i hope will be my next car. it was a dark pumpkin coloured mini with a black top. mmmm.
I guess it goes with cars being a fashion accessory. As seen in the previous article with the link to the Flash tour, grey/silver goes with just about anything. Don't get me wrong; I think cars as an accessory is really, really tacky.
ok ok I confess, my bike is grey!!
No surprise here... My car is dark gray ;)
you have a point, ruecian. its like the article about the whiteness of clothing design right now (Great White). is it becoming a lackluster society or is it just too difficult to please everyone's colour taste so retailers stay with neutral to satisfy everyone?
It might be a combination of both, I mean -- on both sides -- the auto industry and fashion -- the popular colours don't really argue with any others, so, ... inoffence seems the answer ... but there are still people like me that refuse to follow fashion while still making note of it. I'm not sure I'd be worried about society yet. I've seen tonnes of New Yorkers that refuse to be without colour, and even more that refuse fashion. And pretty soon rebelling against fashion will be a trend again.
Green's a weird color on cars. It's like you're going for the moss look.

My first was teal taurus so idk maybe I still have hate issues.
Mine is teal. ;x But it's a great little car.
I'd make an exception for black but, otherwise, I can't see myself buying a neutral colored car. Especially silver. Silver is so depressing--it's freakin' grey! It says "I'm sad, I'm dull, I don't want to be noticed." Not that everyone should have hot pink cars or bright come-n-steal-me red cars but anything seems better than boring silver, at least to me.
Well, I enjoy my little black SUV. :D

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