Colorful Fun for Kids… and You.

It is my nephew’s 2nd birthday tomorrow so we went out shopping for a present for him. He is as boyish as you can get (loves desruction, noise, cars, truck…etc.) so we wanted to find him something fun to play with so he can give his poor big sister a break from “mini-captain bananas.” What we found was that kids have such cool stuff now days! Bright fun colorful toys.

We have this great store here in Portland called Hello Portland, and it is a bright colorful store filled with things for kids… even big kids. I’m sure, or at least I hope there are more kids stores out there in other cities, but just in case you can’t find one locally… I wanted to share a couple of my favorite colorful things:

Ugly DollUgly Dolls

These little guys are so ugly it is cute… or so cute they are ugly… either way I love them and want to by the two foot tall one for myself. We ented up buying my nephew a little ugly one named Big Toe. The dolls are made out of a really comfy fleece like material and come in a nice assortment of muted colors.


Wry Baby

This kids company lives up to their slogan of “Raise funny people.” They have some very funny baby & toddler sized clothing. One of my favorites is a set of matching shirts for a toddler and a newborn, one says “Old” and the other says “New”.

This set would be perfect for my nephew, knowing the sort of man-sweater my brother wears year round.


Candeloo by Vessel

These snail-head looking lights come in several colors and use a SafeCharge system that eliminates exposed electrical contacts, for when the kids want to drop them in their cradles for re-charging. The listed run-time for each light is 8 hours before re-charging.

Don’t worry big kids, they also makes some chic lights for you too: candela® lights

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