Great White

Great White

Retailers urge us all to put our pastels away, and to push in a fresh, clean spring. That means keeping it light, and it seems like almost every retailer is picking up the whispers of high fashion.

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From Diesel to Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs to The Gap, the white and neutral schemes of winter get their sleeves and pant legs tailored for sunny days of spring break, or at least the memories of having that time. Pushing their line of khakis especially, The Gap steps forward with their Boyfriend Trouser, a loose and relaxed cut pair for ladies. Playing dress-up with Ralph Lauren shows us that white blazers and slacks aren't just for mid-1900s mobsters anymore, while supplying a generous collection of thin pinstripes, playing the favoured field of dominant white.

Even the typically casual stores like American Eagle, Old Navy, and the casual-with-a-price Abercrombie and Fitch play into this day-at-the-beach look with cargo shorts, short-shorts, and novelty shirts get plenty of play across the board. Along with these inoffensive colour choices comes a rekindled 1950s affair with plaid shorts, which are a wonderful excuse to add colour ... if you can match them with something. Dresses are light and airy in colour, pattern, style, and cut, but the classic little black dress can be found just about anywhere.

If all of this neutrality makes you nervous, not to worry, lovers. Just a few steps beyond the featured items, you'll find plenty of colours to love this Spring.

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