RSS, Wallpapers & Stats

We’ve been adding little features here and there, and I wanted to let anyone know who might have missed them.

RSS Feeds
The feeds are up and everyone has their own too. Subscribe to the feeds with FeedBurner. Some people have begun to do some interesting things with them as well. One web designers is using the feed of the top colors on CL to dynamically change the colors of his new website design to what the top colors are.

Look in the Info area for all colors and palettes for links to several wallpaper sizes. Set your desktop wallpaper to one of your favorites on CL and make some COLOURlove even when you aren’t online.

We put the first phase and very simple stats overview up on the homepage. You can see them right under the welcome blurb. Right now we’re just showing how many new colors, palettes and lovers are being added to the site daily.

Soon this stats display will be combined with the trends system to show even more interesting information, like how many negative or positive votes hues like blue got for a certain month… or how well people reacted to palettes with yellow in them in Nov… Etc.


Author: COLOURlover
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