Coup.0 Launch Party

Coup.0 Launch Party

One week ago tonight we were able to do what I've wanted to do for a long time now… We threw a big party and made a ton of love with color!

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It was a fantastic evening of palette making, colorful conversations and checking out the new website for With 6 sexy new iMac computers provided by MacForce we were able to have guests browsing the new site and getting some back-seat web surfing help from the people who built it.

We built 5 hanging spaces on one wall of Rake Art Gallery and had our guests making palettes from the 40+ 12" x 48" color canvas strips. Just like on the site, it was fun seeing what other people would come up with. Our good friends over at Clutch Camera were there to capture the palettes and their lovers for us to share.

It was interesting to see how creative people got as the night went on... The tasty beverages from Lange Winery and Widmer Brewing probably helped some shy lovers get up there and create their palettes. I think our party was scheduled from 7-9:30pm but we wrapped up closer to 11:30pm.

We also chose 5 palettes from the site to recreate at 36" x 60" pieces of art. It was inspiring to see the translation of the palette on the site to the physical world. We've now got some good ideas to remodel our bedroom (and a lot of left over paint!)

The large amount of canvas came from Utrecht and Art Media & the paint came from our neighbors at Miller Paint.

I want to thank all the COLOURlovers who showed up and helped make our launch of Coup.0 a huge success, especially those who traveled quite a distance to join us.

Also a big thanks goes out to:
Alexis Jonnson for food & wine pairing, catering.

My family for showing up and sharing in the COLOURlove.

And last, but most importantly... Sara Murphy for painting all the canvasses for the event, supporting me in putting on a very successful launch party and for being a wonderful part of my life.

Darius A Monsef IV
Editor & Creator

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Wish I could've gone, but there was a bare naked ladies concert the same time that I'd been anticipating for some time... maybe the next one, eh?
Looks fun.
I think this gives me an amazing idea for some redecorating. moveable palettes, i love it.

The launch looked so fun, wish I didn't live so far away
So close and yet so far! I wasn't able to get down to Portland from Seattle. The party did look like fun -- and so is the new site. At least I can enjoiy the new site. :)

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