Interview with Izzy Medrano


Izzy Medrano


Age: 25
School or Professional Training: Alumni Artcenter College of Design in Pasadena / Animation- Mongodillo Studios / Graphic design- RUSHweb Design
Location: Los Angeles

izzy is a recent art school graduate and recently became one of the concept developers for a major southern californian game development company.

CL: Now that you are a recent gradute what are your plans?

Izzy Medrano: As a student at ArtCenter, you learn quickly you will have NO life, you assimilate an unholy standard of work ethic, that usually requires you to spend your weekends doing homework, and perfecting technique. So my initial plans after this art bootcamp called school have been to sleep, enjoy life, and be my old social self. As far as my professional life I am interviewing at a few different video game companies, and later on plan to bust into the film industry. Current studios I am looking at are Neversoft, Ravensoft, NCsoft, Blur Studios, and HighMoon Studios. At the moment my loans are so extensive, in cost, that I am looking for the highest rate possible for my salary. It’s all about the benjamins… bitch.

CL: What was one of the lessons dealing with color you learned at school that most sticks in your mind?

Izzy Medrano: For me, learning about color always seemed to come down to subtlety.

Delicate shifts in color, and control of hue shifting through simultaneous contrast were like magic, and I have always been fascinated by artists with that level of control. Learning how to play with the eye, in respect to controlling color with concentrically located colors surrounding it. That would be what I value most from my color theory education. It’s all in the neutral colors when it comes to popping a hue from mediocre-land to the kingdom of sexy.

CL: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Izzy Medrano: I am the BASE jumper of the design world, in respect to how I view myself my work, and what it is we do. I take risks, because, it is all bullshit anyway. If I took art too seriously, I would be setting myself up for a masterful downfall. When I die, I will be forgotten, so will my work. As an artist I describe myself as a bon vivant, a decadent Philistine, and a manipulator for fun and profit. So just enjoy what you do and have the sack to do everything you desire to. I think people will respect you for going where others could not.

CL: Do you see any trends in colour right now?

Izzy Medrano: At the moment, I see a heavy design trend leaning on the world of commercial Hiphop. What is interesting about this in the world of color is there are few fetters in respect to hiphop art. Take a look at some of those Belton, or Krylon cans, (look at the pallet that Montana carries!) and tell me that those graff artists out there aren’t abusing the hell out of color in a grand and glorious way. It appears to me that we are seeing a freewheeling color renaissance like that of the eighties, and the advent of those filthy but oh so endearing fluorescents, but there seems to be a level of control that was very rare at that time in outsider art. I must say, I truly respect the notion of jamming with color, but understanding the rules before you break them. I sincerely believe that this will develop into an understanding of greater control in respect to color combination, and lead to some very powerful, and unlikely color pallets. All thanks to the risks that those that were out there in the Yards, and on the walls but have now become rich designers, are willing to take.

CL: How much does color play a part in your creations?

Izzy Medrano: In my full-blooded paintings, color is a vital element. At the moment I am really enjoying exploring color keying, wherein a painting has colors all keyed toward one warm or cool hue. Of course there can be a multitude of variations within that limited pallet, but giving myself those rules to paint by makes for a very exciting painting experience.

CL: Where does the value and tone of colors come into play?

Izzy Medrano: I come from the school of thought that value, and saturation are the real tools when it comes to color coordination, and planning. I believe a real pro is self-evident in his or her subtlety and understanding of value and saturation.

CL: What is a piece of advice you would like to offer to the other color lovers?

Izzy Medrano: Experiment. Do not be afraid to take risks. Color, and art, as in life, is best savored when sprinkled with a pang of fear, and the dopamine rush of possible doom!

CL: Right now what color is your favorite?

Izzy Medrano: izzlove

CL: What palette?

Izzy Medrano: HeadTrauma

CL: What artists do you admire and why?

Izzy Medrano: Phil Hale, for color control, and Strokes, Claire Wendling for amazing line quality, Ian McCaig for kick ass character concepts, Luc Besson for unbelievable writing and directing talent, and at the moment Johnny Cash for one hell of a whiskey burnt voice!

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