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My wedding website

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Hi there,
I'm in the very exciting but equally daunting process of designing my wedding planning website(based in France) and basically want it to look A) Romantic B) Vintage C) French.... any advice re what colours to use greatly appreciated. So far think I like cream, black/dark brown with hints of antique turquoise and dusky pink.
many thanks!
Those colors sound gorgeous! I was going to say definitely a lighter color paired with a black would be all of the styles that you're going for. :) Can't wait to see!!
Pink and blue are definitely romantic. Muted colors definitely say vintage. And I agree that black with a pop color or lighter color is very french! I think you're on the right track. Best wishes in your website project. I made some palettes for you.

Based on your list

Something I think would be nice also
Love that blue. It says provincial french to me.
I love the Eiffel Elegance pattern! Are you done with the website? I can't wait to see what you do with the palette you choose!
Thanks for liking my Eiffel Elegance pattern!
Hi all, thanks for your comments and thanks Alicia for taking the time to build 2 palettes, they're lovely! The website has been completed and gone live now. I started with a few colours but in the end found simplicity was best bearing in mind I wanted the photos to be the main stand out, not the background. So I opted for a background of a turquoise damask pattern. You can have a peek here:
Thanks to all!
Great job on the website! I like it. I especially adore the photo of the bride from the back with the gorgeous embroidered veil. So vintage!

You're welcome for the palettes. I tend to get a little over enthusiastic about wedding colors. Anyone need a wedding palette? lol.
Nice colors.
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