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Two-tone Wedding Dresses

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Some bridal gown specialists, like Benjamin Roberts, introduce two-tone wedding dresses in their collections. The fact is that white can be combined with any other colour such as antique rose, lilac, and even black. Other popular combinations are:
- champagne and ivory
- ivory and peach
- cream and burgundy
- burgundy and pearl
Can you suggest any others?


No particular color suggstions but Vera Wang has done quite a few gowns with color.


Vera Wang has gorgeous dresses; she also designed Chelsea Clinton’s wedding gown :)


OO Im not a wedding dress kind of gal.. but Im soooooo loving this.. Id wear this every chance I got..

add aqua and sand somewhere and id be in heaven

and why did Gerirteycarter feel it necessary to spam some shiat in its link :(
like seriously dipshit what makes you think someone looking at this would be interested in that !.. what a wasted effort.


I am going for red and Black. Very striking together. I'm sure I will get some furrowed brows as well as suprised oooohhhs.


Red and Black is a beautiful combination of color which gives a good look for the wedding dress. Golden yellow will also be nice for the wedding dress.


I think when adding color, it has to be very thought out. I'm mildly addicted to "Say Yes to the Dress" and whenever they have a cream or rose tinted dress a lot of time it looks really pretty with the bride's skin tone. I'm a fan of color when it's done well. I think when it comes to bridal a little goes a long way.


or the bride could use taste and personality and go with whatever colors she likes instead of being told she should be preoccupied with how attractive her skintone looks?

I don't have anything else to say except that white is really overused..


I agree with Anomalin about white being overused-- after all, it's not in every culture that white is the "traditional" color for a wedding dress, and I must say, as a fashion and costume designer, white (as in pure white) only looks amazing on a fairly small percentage of people. I think you can easily achieve the young, fresh, innocent look with softer colors, as Jordan suggested. (But then again, maybe some of us aren't all that interested in looking innocent?? Me, I'd go for chic sophistication.)


And speaking of Vera Wang... I just saw this one earlier today:

Since it's silk, and has to be made to order anyway, I say have them dye it to your ColourLovin' specifications!


My gown is ivory and champange- I guess thats two-toned, huh? Its this- only not white.


I still think white is the best for wedding dress because it's more of a symbol for purity than a color. Also in ordinary days how often do you see people wearing white from head to toe? So it makes the white gown more special on wedding day because only the bride can wear it, but seeing the two tone wedding dress is interesting. I would go for red or black, as seen in some of Vera Wang's collection.


Mine is the Oleg Cassini pictured above; only the ivory/champagne colors. I've five children so well-past pure! haha I have been toying with two completely dif. palettes - only one on this site. Trying bridesmaids dresses in a muted grouping of pastels vs. neutrals...And so sorry the picture was so huge!


My dress, which I can't figure out how to send a link to, was a modcloth dress light pink with cobalt blue sash and ruffle at the bottom.

C:\Documents and Settings\Renee\My Documents\My Pictures\wedding\317182_2638287515276_1198144716_33097360_1659836606_n.jpg


Knowing the history of the white weeding dress (check it out, it's pretty interesting: http://www.fromtimespast.com/wedding.htm), I REALLY wish society would go back to not being afraid of color when it comes to wedding dresses. Personally, I'm ditching white altogether and going with olive green/goldish hues for my wedding dress, because those're my favorite :B


Hey, agreed!! A gown should reflect the personality of the wearer. Your idea sounds fab- green's my 'best' :D)
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