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wedding palette help!

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Practical Glamour

Looking at the photo (gorgeous dress BTW), the sash really looks more like a deep, hot pink rather than red. Why not try a lighter pink, icy mint green, or charcoal grey? I'll try making a palette later when I have access to a computer that will let me!

Practical Glamour


Just a suggestion, but it might be a place to start! Good luck.



I'd go with the blue seafoamish colour for and bridesmaid dresses and maybe the rich gold colors for seating and accents in the bouqet and centerpieces, etc.


I'm not sure what season your wedding is in, but I love the pink sash and see this crisp dress in a beautiful summer outdoor wedding. I imagine pink and white being the primary colors with lots of bright green foliage with white daisy's and gold and pink Gerber daisies.



I have seen this color (I believe) in the lovely old fashioned flower known as Sweet William, the flower comes in many shades, all unique and special. Depending on your personal likes/style/ideas, I thought I would submit something a bit different...wedded (Of course we could not exclude the myriad of greens that foliage would add) < that would depend on your choice of flowers...
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Posted 3 hours ago
Well, clearly different things are being tried right now, and it's not running perfect. I'm not ready to give up on this site yet. My one wish through being patient while the bugs are worked out and the spammers run off is that management would make a short statement. I understand that things are really hopping at the Monsef place with a new addition, congrats for that...just please say something, a couple sentences about where we are with the site revamp, pretty please!
k i r y u
k i r y u
Posted 9 hours ago
It really hurts my heart to see a site I've been using since my early teenage years in such a sh**show of a state, but I definitely feel the same, you two.

The only palette generator site I use is coolors.co, its nice cause i don't need an account to make and save stuff to your computer, it doesn't let you play with the color widths but idk, i guess beggars can't be choosers :\
Posted 10 hours ago
Hurricat, I feel you. And I would have suggested Colorbuffs but it has a sociopath from this website that goes insane copying people's shit. So, yeah. I guess we're out of luck for the time being and it really sucks.
Posted 16 hours ago
So not only can I not make any palettes at all, but now I'm starting to get ads on the top and right side of my screen, even though as a sponsor I have ads turned off in my settings. I also have adblock on and it STILL doesn't block these ads, and I can't find a way to consistently block them all manually. I used to love making palettes here but visiting this site is more trouble than it's worth now. The entire spam situation to begin with was handled very poorly and now I have very little desire to come back as the lack of administration has already run out most of the members here. It makes me very sad to see a site I loved fall into such disrepair but it looks like I'll be moving on for good.
Posted 20 hours ago
Trixxie wrote:
Okay, I just tried Firefox and the Basic Palette Maker works. But I am using a Mac - not sure how this is affecting Windows users. Give it a try and let us know if you've tried Firefox.

I have the latest version of Firefox (only 32 bit), and I cannot make basic palettes still. :(
Not sure if it's sporadic, if your 64 bit version makes a difference, or what.

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