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wedding palette help!

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Hello lovers!

I'm getting married and I would like some help choosing the final colors for our wedding theme.
The dress is the central element to the color scheme and it is white accented by a peculiar red called "Lipstick". You can see the dress and swatch color here.
We would love some help finding a third or fourth color. Thank you very much!

Practical Glamour

Looking at the photo (gorgeous dress BTW), the sash really looks more like a deep, hot pink rather than red. Why not try a lighter pink, icy mint green, or charcoal grey? I'll try making a palette later when I have access to a computer that will let me!

Practical Glamour


Just a suggestion, but it might be a place to start! Good luck.



I'd go with the blue seafoamish colour for and bridesmaid dresses and maybe the rich gold colors for seating and accents in the bouqet and centerpieces, etc.


I'm not sure what season your wedding is in, but I love the pink sash and see this crisp dress in a beautiful summer outdoor wedding. I imagine pink and white being the primary colors with lots of bright green foliage with white daisy's and gold and pink Gerber daisies.



I have seen this color (I believe) in the lovely old fashioned flower known as Sweet William, the flower comes in many shades, all unique and special. Depending on your personal likes/style/ideas, I thought I would submit something a bit different...wedded (Of course we could not exclude the myriad of greens that foliage would add) < that would depend on your choice of flowers...
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