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what to wear to a wedding

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Did you know that a female wedding guest cannot wear white lest she should eclipse the bride? This and other interesting facts are explained in the following link:

Wedding Guest Attire


A wedding guest should never wear white! So many other great things to wear why would you??
Annie Byrne


Baaah. A wedding guest can absolutely wear white at a wedding if the bride and groom are a) okay with it, b) holding a pretty informal 'do or c) not wearing white themselves!

Traditionally, it isn't a great idea to wear white. But the best rule of thumb is, if you think it might be a problem - don't!


In many traditions it is considered unholy to wear black to a wedding.


Hmmm redbricks - Does that go for the Groomsmen as well???? A little backward thinking really!


I have seen a lot of beach weddings where the guests are asked to wear white. As a general rule, it is a good one, though. You should never try to show up the bride!!!
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Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 1 hour ago
If you propose, I will support your shaming campaign so long as we can make branding irons, heat them up, and burn the imprints into the foreheads of those an angry mob decides are offenders.

Intellectual property claims, whether exact duplicates, are absolutely irrelevant given the nature of this site. Why in the world would you post things to a site like this hoping people, all over the world, would respect your rights? Some of them live in countries that do not have to by the way.

And how have you, save for your ego, been damaged by all this? You have lost millions of euros or dollars through plagarism on this site? Sorry, but you just seem too emotionally charged to be rational.

This is plain and simple, dangerous and stupid. Beyond that, as I have said before, you could really hurt somebody if you are wrong in your witch hunt. It is usually much to late to say sorry to someone when its over because, you know? They would be damaged goods from your crusade.

PS. Sorry I could not follow this discussion every minute for two weeks. Sometimes I have other places to visit and other sites on which to spend my time and attention. I really appreciated your observation though so I read all the comments over the two weeks. I think I am up to speed.

PSS. Shaming anyone builds the memories they will remember later; even if they survive the shaming, hazing, shunning or whatever you want to call it. Such encounters shape their lives and attitudes forever and always. They might forgive, but they will always remember.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 1 hour ago
If you are talking about me, I am flattered. I have never been called both at the same time as I remember. Thank you so much!

If you are done breathing fire out your nose, and can ever possibly calm down? Could you bring yourself to listen to those trying to help you in this? May I suggest something to you? With fire extinguisher in hand? And a dragon slayer on the roof of my condo building?

If you are not already a member, think about joining the Graphic Artists Guild. It is one of the best artists' rights orgs in the US. Members get all sorts of benefits including legal advice (to a point) in a pinch. Lots of pattern repeat designers are members. You might get more enthusiasm there but not for a shaming campaign.
Posted 1 hour ago
That website is brilliant, Deslyn! Thank you for sharing it with us.

DeslynBrown wrote:
One website I use frequently is encycolorpedia.com. You might want to input your color there and then check out the pentadic or hexadic sections. This will give you different colors all around the color wheel that complement the original color in some way, and each color is of the exact same saturation and lightness levels, which is what I believe you're looking for. You would want to alter the "S" and "V", but not the "H". Here is an example of the color you gave here:

Posted 1 hour ago
My goodness, you are literal. As well as irrelevant. Bless your heart.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 1 hour ago
Cool! But no patterns on this site offer graphics like in the original Batman series. Wow! Pow! and all that in starbursts and captions. They were what made Batman and Robin, the TV series great.

Would we be in trouble if we used any of those patterns? If not, I would totally be in for ideas, starting with "Holy snack cakes, Batman" if a new thread were started.

The sad but true point I was trying to get across is that proving someone stole your intellectual property is really tough and infringement suits, because they require so much "prior art" research and their components are so subjective? In spite of what you have heard, a very small percentage ever go to court. Yeah sure, Apple and Samsung are spending billions pis***g on each other. Want take a leap and guess who is ultimately paying for it all?

However, defaming or shaming someone on a public site like this? Easy to file the suit and with a slizzard attorney for the filing party, you are trapped. You have to defend yourself, even if the claims are off the wall "batsh*t" nutty.

From some degree of personal experience in these matters, but with nice contracts supporting my side, they were always no win---for either side. And my contract and intellectual property lawyers were really competent and good. They billed hours $375/hour though. A couple times I had to pay them to just respond to the complaint and just go to court, sit around for hours for the case to be called, and spend 10 minutes in front of the judge getting a dismissal.

Again, eighteyes, I don't see this thread going anywhere helpful for you. I completely support your emotions and passion for this issue. Just be careful.

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