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what to wear to a wedding

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Did you know that a female wedding guest cannot wear white lest she should eclipse the bride? This and other interesting facts are explained in the following link:

Wedding Guest Attire


A wedding guest should never wear white! So many other great things to wear why would you??
Annie Byrne


Baaah. A wedding guest can absolutely wear white at a wedding if the bride and groom are a) okay with it, b) holding a pretty informal 'do or c) not wearing white themselves!

Traditionally, it isn't a great idea to wear white. But the best rule of thumb is, if you think it might be a problem - don't!


In many traditions it is considered unholy to wear black to a wedding.


Hmmm redbricks - Does that go for the Groomsmen as well???? A little backward thinking really!


I have seen a lot of beach weddings where the guests are asked to wear white. As a general rule, it is a good one, though. You should never try to show up the bride!!!
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