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what to wear to a wedding

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Did you know that a female wedding guest cannot wear white lest she should eclipse the bride? This and other interesting facts are explained in the following link:

Wedding Guest Attire


A wedding guest should never wear white! So many other great things to wear why would you??
Annie Byrne


Baaah. A wedding guest can absolutely wear white at a wedding if the bride and groom are a) okay with it, b) holding a pretty informal 'do or c) not wearing white themselves!

Traditionally, it isn't a great idea to wear white. But the best rule of thumb is, if you think it might be a problem - don't!


In many traditions it is considered unholy to wear black to a wedding.


Hmmm redbricks - Does that go for the Groomsmen as well???? A little backward thinking really!


I have seen a lot of beach weddings where the guests are asked to wear white. As a general rule, it is a good one, though. You should never try to show up the bride!!!
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I'm copying the colors from pourpre.com onto my dummy worksheet. The first line is the first five colors starting from the left. The second line is the second five colors of the first line. I paste those into the code shells.
I'm using a smaller block size of 200px wide and 40px tall, because I'm going to put them side by side together on the same line.
I've got the two sets of five colors in the first line pasted into the last two code shells on my work sheet.

Now I backspace between the two lines so there is no space between them. The combined line with both code shells becomes the first line for the ten space block:
<a href=photo Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 4.46.37 PM_zpsxgr4klvk.png" />

Colorblock 05Colorblock 05
How to make a ten square block blend:
I'm just going to take your first line and do it.

First, go to pourpre, and set up a 10x10 grid form.
BTW, your Marvelous Darling block blend is really beautiful!
sundancer wrote:
Or, are you talking about blending two blocks together?

Yes. At first I told people how to make a block.

Then I tell you how to blend your blocks together.
That was to be the basis of this game forum.
This is just the first line of your block above

Colorblock 05

I have a big version also, I use the values of 300px wide and 60px tall, I think it looks more square that way:

Colorblock 05

It's not as wide though... I would experiment with the second number to get it looking more square.

Colorblock 05

That one is 400 and 80.

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