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Bride in Red: Hindu Wedding Ceremonies

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Why is red the traditional Indian wedding colour?
Read this blog post to find the answer:

Bride in Red: Hindu Wedding Ceremonies


LOL, the same applies for Chinese weddings!


Well, not exactly… Chinese brides, for example, don’t use henna to paint parts of their body like Indian brides do.

Women in India are traditionally painted henna on their hands and feet, insides of their arms and up their shins most often for a wedding, or other special occasion. Sometimes the chest, neck and throat will be tattooed. The subject matter is rather abstract, and often incorporates religious and auspicious symbols.

Another tradition which is typical of a Chinese wedding is the change of dresses:

Typically, a Chinese bride will change her dress at least three times. One dress is worn for the special tea ceremony with the groom’s relatives in the morning, a second outfit is incorporated for the actual wedding ceremony, and a third dress a chosen for the reception. Some brides also opt to change several times over the course of the reception, for fun.

Click here to read the rest of the article:
A Guide to Change of Dresses for Chinese Brides


red is ......
don't know. but girls wear it!!!
have 2 find the reason


@speakin_colors; LOL, I meant the color red.


Both in China and in India, red means good luck. In India, it also conveys the idea of purity. In South Africa, however, red is a mourning colour.
By the way, I've found this image of a red Chinese wedding cake:

A gorgeous red wedding cake created for a unique Chinese wedding. A hexagonal cake adorned with peonies, apple blossoms and handmade fans made out of royal icing. Inspired by a Colette Peters' design.

Source: www.wildflowersbylori.com


Always thought red was the color of love


As an Indian Hindu I can confirm that red is often used to symbolise joy in our culture. It signifies strength, wealth, prosperity and joy. Wedding invitations are printed in red. Diwali cards are written in red. Gifts of money are given in red envelopes, etc.


It's because red is the color of good luck!


Agree with M1LI1E. To add to that, Red is the colour of life (colour of blood). Also, our religious powder called as 'Kumkum" is also red in colour hence it is considered an auspicious colour for functions and festivals. Another relevance is Red is a pure primary colour (it doesn't have many lighter gradations to it which makes it one of the boldest and virgin colours per say).
So it is a symbol of a new begining, a new start for life.


Because girls looking Georgians in red dress. and also she impress by red rose and we all know that Red ROSE is symbol of Love.

By : Traditional Furniturea>


As an Indian, I never thought of the question "Why Red?". Red is one of the most dynamic colors. It is always used for most religious and festival occasions. Can't imagine Divali or Holi without red, or a bride not in red(Indian brides wear 5 or more dresses during the wedding ceremony). Only Telugu girls wear white during the actual wedding. Can't imagine a wedding in any other color in India!


I thought red was to symbolize everlasting love, and white symbolizes purity.


I love the fact that it is Red! I think it is stunning and Indian brides always look amazing. My question is regarding the headpiece and jewels, what are these a symbol of if they are and are they only worn for the wedding?


In Hindu weddings Red colored saree is must for the bride at the time when actual rounds take place on all sides of fire. It is a symbol of holy


red is the color of joy. It gives bride a elegant look.


luved it....aprillfrancis wrote:

Because girls looking Georgians in red dress. and also she impress by red rose and we all know that Red ROSE is symbol of Love.

By :


I absolutely LOVE the idea of a colorful wedding dress. I'm not a very big fan of white. I mistakenly thought it was about "purity & innocence," when it really came from royalty. In fact, it's more of a powder blue color that symbolizes "virginity, purity, piety" -- think The Virgin Mary.

But I'm all about the red color. Traditional Korean weddings also have the brides wearing a red Hanbok (name for the dress) and many other colors. Similar to the Chinese, red symbolizes good fortune & luck. I think more colors in a wedding make it more exciting & less..."stuffy." But to each their own :)

My wedding dress vision - Layers!:


A red wedding dress would be lovely! *loves talking about weddings*
I wanted a red hanbok to wear for my wedding but, since we didn't plan our wedding that far in advance, I wasn't able to find one. Maybe someday. ♥
Indian weddings are absolutely beautiful. I've only had the privilege of attending one of them and it was wonderful.

This is beautiful as well, just for a switch up:
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