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Wedding Inspiration from Marry Me Metro

Wedding Inspiration from Marry Me Metro

If you've read any of my recent posts, you would know that I'm in the beginning stages of planning my wedding. It seems so overwhelming to try and figure out everything, and I haven't really known where to start. Every day someone asks me a different question: where are you having the wedding? what are you wearing? what food are you serving? It's starting to feel like there are a million and a half elements that have to come together to create this one massive event..and I don't even known where to start.

I recently discovered the wedding site Mary Me Metro, and had a chance to connect with the site's editor and founder Ashleigh. She is one of the nicest people I've ever had the chance to talk to and she really is the ultimate wedding aficionada. If we ever had the chance to meet in real life, I know that we would be instant best friends.

As you know I'm from San Francisco, I went to the University of San Francisco, and am a true-blue city girl. I love all that San Francisco has to offer, and I couldn't dream of leaving the fabulous culture and atmosphere that San Francisco has to offer. I was so pleased to discover Marry Me Metro because it is a wedding site geared toward the metropolitan Bride & Groom! If you're a city girl like me, or you just want to keep up with the latest trends in weddings Marry Me Metro is definitely a resource you need to check out.

Marry Me Metro offers a variety of tools to help you get inspired for your wedding, and plan your special day. The site has different sections, including:


I went searching through the Inspiration Boards after I first landed on the site, and I was completely blown away with the cool and creative ideas that Ashleigh depicted. I've selected a few of my favorites below to share with you, and help you get inspired.

Pastel Wedding: Pastel's are totally in style right now, and I really love how Ashleigh chose to showcase this awesome color trend.

I searched around and found some inspirational palettes that feature pastels for you to play with as well.


-The_Slide- Sand_Glass

Neon Wedding: Neon and bright colors are extremely popular and trendy right now. I see countless celebrities on the red carpet wearing bright colors that really make them stand out, so I love the idea of adding a touch of neon to a wedding.

To get you further inspired to add some neon to your wedding, I found some awesome neon palettes:

Pop_Is_Everything iam_wii

the_boom_boom_room gimme_*_c_a_n_d_y_!


I think my favorite section on the site has to be the vendors and venues section, because there is some incredible advice there! Ashleigh does an amazing job of finding venues and vendors and really getting to know them through an interview, and then providing you with the best of the best when it comes to weddings.

Wedding Hair Pieces: Ashleigh found some amazing hair pieces from the Blair Nadeau Millinery 2013 Grecian Romance Collection.

I think these hair pieces are absolutely stunning, and I'm so happy that Ashleigh found them and had the chance to share them with her community.

If you're really looking for some colorful inspiration, the Real Weddings section is the place to go. I hope that everyone in the COLOURlovers community will get inspired by these amazing weddings that Ashleigh found, and create some cool palettes and share them in the comments below! I selected a few of my favorite images from real weddings on Mary Me Metro, and I can't wait to see what palettes you come up with.

Raleigh Wedding: This couple is SO cool. These use amazing and bright colors throughout their wedding and I love this photo of the couple in front of graffiti.

New York Wedding at the Foundry: I absolutely love the color choices this couple chose. I can't believe how bright and brilliant these flowers look.

Seattle Wedding: I really just want to be friends with this couple, they look so cool, and I love that they chose to take such fun pictures after they got married. What do you think of the colors in the bouquet?

Austin Wedding: I am so in love with the color choices featured below, I really can't get enough of them! I want to see so many palettes featuring these colors in the comments.

I truly can't get enough of the awesome things I keep finding on Marry Me Metro and I definitely have to give a shout out to Hollie at Design23 for creating the creative Marry Me Metro logo and back-end tech customization. I hope that I can recruit her to sell some of her design assets because they really are fabulous.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into the one of the hottest wedding blogs out there right now. Be sure to check out the Marry Me Metro website, and if you're looking for some more inspiration connect with Ashleigh and Marry Me Metro through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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