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COLOURlovers Interview with The Wedding Chicks

COLOURlovers Interview with The Wedding Chicks

The Wedding Chicks is one of the most fabulous wedding blogs around. Aside for always offering top-notch inspiration for planning brides, they also have a bevy of other great resources including free downloads and a shop filled with adorable goodies for your wedding day.

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For those of you past the wedding phase and onto babies, don't fret as they have created a fabulous baby blog, Onto Baby, featuring inspiring nurseries, baby showers and all things fabulous for a growing family.

First up, why don't you tell the community a bit about who you are, what you do, how long you have been doing it, and your background.

WC: We met when Amy photographed Jocey's wedding, we became fast friends and the rest is history. Jocey's background is in graphic design and mine is in photography. Together, we are the Wedding Chicks. Launched in March of 2008, The Wedding Chicks is a daily blog focusing on weddings, wedding fashion, wedding decor and DIY projects.


What past experiences do you think have contributed the most to where you are now?

WC: We are both extremely ambitious and determined, I think that these traits were handed down from our parents. Jocey and I have a very similar work ethic and that makes for a really strong partnership.

What colors and color trends do you think we will see a lot of in wedding in 2012?

WC: We anticipate seeing more gowns in soft color palettes, such as blush pinks, yellows, and creams. We are looking forward to seeing brides with hair down embellished with a statement head piece. We think lip color is going to be huge as we adore a bride who braves a bold lipstick on her big day. We predict a more classic and refined look on the groom.

Source: Bride, Dress

What patterns and trends do you think will be big in 2012?

WC: We definitely think that the Chevron Stripe will continue to be big in design, as for weddings we think that patterns in bridesmaid dresses will gain some momentum.

Source: Molly Sims WeddingFree printable invitation suite by Wedding Chicks

Which colors, patterns & trends are you personally most excited about seeing?

WC: Personally, we go bananas over pastels and we are in love with color blocking.

What are your top three color palettes you love to see in a wedding?

WC: We are currently obsessing over palettes of:


Peach, pink and orange

Red, hot pink and yellow

Light pink, yellow and white

What colors do you not often see together a lot, but would like to see more of?

We would love to see more palettes of:

mint green and gray

we would absolutely like to see an all shades of blue wedding, hint hint

How important do you think patterns are to a wedding design? What are your favorites?

WC: Patterns are definitely wonderful especially if the colors are cohesive and blend in with the theme it adds that little something extra. Can't get enough floral, stripe and chevron. We particularly love a pattern in the bridesmaid dresses.


What's the best design-related advice you've ever received?

WC: Keep it simple.

When you are feeling stumped, where do you turn for inspiration?

WC: We head straight to Pinterest, as well as fashion and design magazines.

For someone that is just beginning to plan and design their wedding, what resources or advice would you give to them?

WC: Choose something that YOU like and stick with it. Work with a stylist to help you create the look and feel of your wedding. Don't worry about what others are doing, it's your wedding and it should be a reflection of you and your future Mr.

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Thank you so much for including us, we adore COLOURlovers!


Just started here and it keeps my interest now for 1 hour xD

Claire Kinslow

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I forgot why those assassin people came to that blond chicks wedding, beat her up and shot her in the head.
Xtreme Muscle Pro

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What a great story!!! I think this story help of our wedding planning.
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Interesting article.


Boo key looks good.and It remind me beautiful online wedding cards from India.


Combination of colors & patterns are fabulous!! You can visit here for more interesting theme based wedding invitations.


Well, as the role of wedding cards in any wedding is vital, these must be selected carefully. Choosing right color is one of those. This post will help people choose their wedding colors wisely.

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