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Winter Wedding Trends & Inspiration

Winter Wedding Trends & Inspiration

Winter weddings are fabulous in their own right, and seeing as we are now in the thick of these winter months, you brides are some of the luckiest there are. Sure you don't get sunshine and hot days, but you get the chance of snow and creating a darn right cozy spot.

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Sparkles, snow, candles and blankets adorn these weddings to create a romantic space during these cold months. Oh and the color palettes, I can't get enough of these color palettes.

Source: Bridge, Pears

For ceremony spaces, a cozy fireplace is the perfect backdrop to tie the knot. Details such as cotton and candles are perfect details to add to this space. Sparkly accessories are a fun way to add a little festive decor to any spot. And you can't go wrong with a little bit of sparkle every now and again.

Source: Ceremony Spot, Cotton

Even after the holidays are over, this is still a great guest book idea. Have guests write their favorite piece of advice, story of the two of you, or a nice note on an ornament. You can hang these on your tree the coming year.

Source: Ornaments

Source: Hot Cocoa, Flower, Invite, Snowball

There are a variety of details to add including hanging snowballs, white flower boutonnieres or sweet drinks. Kraft paper and a light blue compliment white details quite well, creating an overall fabulous palette to work from.

Source: Tassle, Hot Cocoa

A hot cocoa bar is definitely the highlight of winter weddings. This is something unique to winter months that make a cozy treat for guests. Adding a small tassel stir stick and a great sign to the drink bar is one detail I think should be incorporated in all these festive winter affairs.

Source: Cupcake Bar

Similarly, your dessert bar options can create such a romantic and warm feeling. Be it the use of sparkles, candles, ornaments as well as your selection of cookies and other treats you add. Guests will definitely remember this adorable dessert station.

Source: Cotton + Wood

Wood and cotton details kind of come with the woodsie category, no matter the month. For events in log cabins or barns, these additions are a great way to tie the whole event together and bring the outside, in. Other natural elements make the perfect addition for bud vases, cake tables and a variety of other spots.

Source: Bride

For the bride, it is important to stay warm, but after spending all that money on a dress, you are going to want to show it off as well. Find the perfect cover-up to compliment your attire and it will be a great addition to your closet, well after your wedding day.

Source: Burlap

There are a variety of winter elements that can make the perfect winter wedding. Creating a romantic and warm place for guests to feel comfortable in will make your wedding one they will never forget. Wood, burlap and other organic details are a great addition to candle lit nights and a variety of white details. But this doesn't mean you feel like you can't add any bright colors into the mix. This palette is pretty simple, so anything else you add is just as great of an addition to make the night your very own.

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Great article.
You creat a great atmosphere.
~魾魾魾魩 love this ceremony and snow .....all thing very happy編編
thanks so much! Glad you liked it.

jayeshomg wrote:
Great article.
I agree, a ceremony in the snow would be incredibly beautiful, but maybe a bit cold! tofrelouir wrote:
~魾魾魾魩 love this ceremony and snow .....all thing very happy���編���編
thanks so much!

Kunstmilch wrote:
You creat a great atmosphere.
I love it <3
i loved this!
thanks so much! Glad you liked it

maddie_felker wrote:
i loved this!
allisonsilber wrote:
I agree, a ceremony in the snow would be incredibly beautiful, but maybe a bit cold! tofrelouir wrote:
~魾魾魾魩 love this ceremony and snow .....all thing very happy���編���編

no you , do your party in the winter ..and it is beautiful...in the photo this is good for the ....sorry but the post in my box ...way..! tofre louir
I can't decide HELP!! Should I get a feather fur bolero or a mink wrap? I found thes on Spazooie.com


My dress is an organza strapless. Any opinions would be helpful!!

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