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COLOURlovers {Mention} in BRIDES Magazine!

COLOURlovers {Mention} in BRIDES Magazine!

This months BRIDES magazine mentioned COLOURlovers.com and our partner Spoonflower.com on page #104. Thanks to Research Editor, Yelena Moroz, for submitting us on the Editors Picks - THINGS WE LOVE spotlight.

BRIDES magazine {February 2011} issue is dubbed, the COLOR issue and beholds a lot of fabulous colorization tips and products.

Besides the amazing spread of colourful bridesmaids dress collections strongly photographed throughout, I fell in love with pages #366 - 373 which showcases four smashing colour palettes to die for!


The idea? Create an intensely romantic palette by combining a super hot shade with a soft pastel. The photo spread of romantic hues is dreamy and sexy wrapped up in one. One of my all-time favorites for sure.


The Idea? Matching Icy shades with creamy neutrals to give it some class. This palette completely reminds me of swans, ballet or the Opera and elegance. Pearls, broaches and other vintage pieces can really class it up.


The Idea? Keep it in the hue family. By pairing a light and airy hue with a super dark rich hue, you can really put together an impacting look. No other hue can pull this off better than greens. Mix up the tones a bit too. There's a great representation of mixing on the layout page - all green but some are a little off grid which you might think normally wouldn't match, but it does.

For example, see this combo...
compared to this combo...

Notice the top one feels more LUSH and pops more than the second one. Now let's mix them up...

Visually, they all work very nicely together, yet the impact with keeping with the same hue on a strict lighter or darker scale lessen's that impact. So don't be afraid to view the ENTIRE spectrum of greens to choose from and mix it up! Be careful of venturing in to pea-green though, an accidental adjustment of the slider and you're in baby food or soup land.


The Idea? Punk Rock Rebel gone Formal...? Purple is an extremely royal colour and can carry so much depth and confidence with it. By combining purple hues with the right blue's you can really make it all smash an impact!

Page #182 specifically covers planning basics when it comes to colour palettes. I liked this snippet on one answer to a reader about her wide colour palette decisions. The advice, plain and simple is - "A two-color palette will look chic and contemporary." The Q & A they picked for that page, I thought was quite useful!

My favorite pick of the bridesmaids dresses throughout the magazine, were JORDAN (JordanFashions.com) by Bill Pesce (pages #66 and #67) - sadly, I couldn't find the dress on their site This dress can be found online here, at JordansFashions (big thanks to CL user, ressamac for posting the link in the comments). Their version of the Little Black Dress. I like how the dress is black or similar hue, with colours layered underneath, coming out from the bottom. I always say, a black dress works best because it works for everyone more than trying to make a group of different styles wear YOUR favorite colour or style. This is cross between getting your favorite colour in and making the colour and dress flattering for everyone. Happy bridesmaids, colour coordinated...done.

So I'm not going to give everything away, but those were some of my favorite area's of the magazine. If I only bought one issue this year, this one would already be it. There is also a pretty decent guide that dresses down the anatomy of a gown. Learn the difference (or if you're me, what the heck they even are) between a Watteau and a bateau.


BRIDES Magazine in no way paid me or COLOURlovers.com to say anything about the content of their magazine. I simply thought this was an extremely relevant issue to our goal here on COLOURlovers.com (aside from wanting to make note of our mini-mention on page 104). All photos of the magazine were taken by myself.

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Loved the post! :o) Thanks!
what font is "the color issue" typed in?
Great post! =)
How did you find out that colorlovers was mentioned?
Groovy! :D
Thanks everyone! I'll try to get back to the questions by the end of this week. :)
I'm not sure 100%... actually... Darius / aka @COLOURlover told me about it and I got a copy. :) (sorry for the delayed response)

ycc2106 wrote:
Great post! =)
How did you find out that colorlovers was mentioned?

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