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Fiesta in the Garden

Fiesta in the Garden

Choosing a theme for your wedding and reception can make it easier to find your colours, and it can make it less expensive, unless you're that diamonds and pearls kind of girl.
Sam_Emily Spanish_Fire


My little brother, Sam, is getting married to his love, Emily, in June and they're going with a wedding in the countryside (at her parents). The great thing about a wedding in the country, is that you can pull off just about any sort of theme and without much decor as the environment lends a lot of assistance. They're going to Mexico for their honeymoon so we've decided to do a fiesta-style reception with the colours incorporated into the wedding. Matching reception to honeymoon location can be a lot of fun and easy to incorporate. Years back, we did a luau for my cousin, Jeff, because they were going to Hawaii.


The fiesta-style can incorporate a lot of different looks. This is one area you might be allowed to go crazy with colour and patten. This wedding incorporated a unique piece of art for the chair backings, which was original, but you could go with some great pattern usage here. Each table could encompass it's own family of patterned fabric. Furthermore, either rotate between two different materials or use a completely different pattern (or colour) for each table. I would keep the colours somewhat consistent if you're going to keep each table separate, but have fun with the patterns.



Flame_Spectrum Wild_Hay
geniesnsd In_Dreams

I also loved this article from www.snippetandink.blogspot.com. The story of Donia and David. They put so much creativity into their day, it's a must read. The photo's are splendid for getting ideas as well.


Sam & Emily's Invitation was designed by me (they wanted something simple and fast). Garden Fiesta images by/from:www.oncewed.com&  Flush Designs | photo of Donia from Snippet & Ink

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The colour schemes for these sorts of events are so important!

I made a wedding palette, very simple and traditional.


I enjoyed your article and the story of Diona and David's wedding. What a great read!

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