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Colorful Weddings: Not All Bridal Gowns Are White

Colorful Weddings: Not All Bridal Gowns Are White

If the walk down the aisle feels a lot longer than it did in your mind when you were a kid, or you'd rather look like the bouquet than a statue holding one, it might be time to think about straying from tradition and adding a little color to the white wedding.

Here to help you along your way is a short guide to the latest wedding color trends with weddings, photographers, sellers and know-it-alls where you can find inspiration.

Colorful Brides & Bridal Parties

Jesse Leake

Rockstar Photography

joeholt | ealiolin

SoSheSews | wave1127

Mike Sidney



vanberto | reversible bridesmaids

windy_sydney | belledujour0


jasohill | Bride2009

Mr. Nil



BlondeShot Creative



Where To Buy

Looking for color to set yourself apart? Try on these sites and designers for size.

Etsy Wedding | Maggie Sottero | Wedding Dress Fantasy | Dresses with Color

Get in the Know

Find the latests trends and ideas for your wedding, along with inspiration from photos and stories from those who just got back from walking down the aisle .

Off Beat Bride: "A daily celebration of couples who dare to walk off the beaten aisle." If you're sick of tradition, and want wedding colors that are of a different shade than the rest: your inspiration is here.

Weddingbee: "feature blogs, boards, bios, classifieds, galleries, a diy template section and a wiki, with a core focus on real brides’ wedding planning journeys from engagement to “I Do” and beyond."

100 Layer Cake: "Crafting your wedding layer, by layer"

DIY Bride: "DIY Bride is a free community for do-it-yourself wedding projects, resources, and advice to help couples on any budget create a crafty, one-of-a-kind wedding."

What Do You Think?

Colorful Weddings your thing? Share your thoughts, colors, tips, and links.

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For myself I definitely prefer the traditional white, but these ladies all look beautiful in their dresses and gowns. I especially like the vibrant colors of the saris in the first picture.
Love it. I hate white so much, and I look horrid in white. I'd probably go with green or blue or purple. Or even pinkish maybe. Cool stuff.
These are cute. I always thought that if I ever get married, I'd want to wear yellow because it's my favorite color and shouldn't I be wearing my favorite color on my wedding day?
Being an Indian, our weddings are always anything but white!! i always admire the white gowns in catholic weddings :) Indian weddings are always colourful and loud. I love that too.. its fun to be flashy occasionally ;)
these ladies are beautiful. their dresses and gowns colors very charms and love.
I love when wedding dresses are white with a little splash of colour. I don't think I could part totally from the white dress, for me it just doesn't feel like a wedding without it, but a little colour adds a ton of character, imo :)
I love the white dress with red trim.
I especially like the colourful saris of the first wedding picture. This appears to be a picture of a Sikh wedding. A nice collection of wedding photographs across continents and countries.
dude.. ever since i was real little, i have planned to have a colorful wedding.. and that is what im gonna do.. im sticking to my plan :D
Ooh, all these are so beautiful! I'm gonna have some colour in my wedding, I think traditional white looks horrid and rather boring.
i"ll have to get married again! hahah love colorfull dresses!!!
the first time i heard of color on the wedding dress was my cousins', when her dress had a pale green and purple vine at the waistline
I absolutely love the picture with the bridesmaids in all white and the bride in a color! Scandalous!! LOVE IT!! So different...
okay, i love the white dress and multicolored tulle. so much. i'm goign to have an offbeat colour of tulle to match my wedding theme some day.
Fabulous!! Too bad I'm already married ;)

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