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The Meanings of Flower Colors

The Meanings of Flower Colors

Ever find it challenging to put into words a wish, a desire or particularly a feeling? If so, perhaps color and flowers are the solution to help articulate the emotions we occasionally struggle to verbalize.

Color, of course, is not the only way to communicate with flowers. The “silent language” made popular and finessed by women during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901) included color as well as quantity; the type of flower; placement and arrangement. This language was quite sophisticated and nuanced. So much so a slew of books were published to help guide and explain Floriography: the language of flowers.

While flowers have historically been used to express feelings of amore; the meaning of flowers – like any language – is living and ever-evolving. Flowers can communicate the wonderful kaleidoscope of emotions. If accuracy matters or rather, the fear of a blunder, remember: even experts disagree on the one true meaning of flowers.

Most important of all, loose interpretation is highly encouraged. Have fun, experiment and fear not the flower; the sentiment is what truly counts.

Red Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: Lida Rose, tanakawho, gailf548, Pétur Gauti.


The traditional color of love, Red excites. Red flowers are classic and can be a potent stimulant for a romantic liaison.
Symbolism: Passion, deep love, desire, beauty, respect, confidence, longing, courage, aristocratic, constancy.
Romantic message: I love you; I desire you, always.
Flower options: Long-stem Roses for the classic message. Anemones, Orchids, Zinnia, Dahlias, Amaryllis.

Pink Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: Tim Parkin, Essjay NZ, Muffet, Eric in SF.


Feeling frisky? Cotton candy or pale blush, pink is feminine fun, fun, fun. Pink flowers are a sweet reminder of childhood days.
Symbolism: Sweetness, playfulness, grace, admiration, gratitude.
Romantic message: Life with you is fun. I admire you and I’m thankful for you in my life.
Flower options: Peonies, hydrangeas, Stargazer lilies, Ranunculus, Roses, Tulips, Freesia, Zinnia, Camellias.

Yellow Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: Eric in SF, Aqua-Marina, siebe, jeevez759.


Known for its warm, energetic and sunny appearance, Yellow brightens any space or experience. In a romantic context a yellow flower often signals a change.
Symbolism: Nobility, richness, friendship, joy, happiness, new beginnings, jealousy, pride.
Romantic message: Things are moving too fast, let’s slow things down.
Flower suggestions: Tulips, Daffodils, Sunflowers, Lilies, Alstromeria, Freesia.
The exception: A bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect way to tell your friend you want more. And, if that’s too subtle, mix it up with red roses to express friendship peppered with longings of love.

Orange Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: ~Panache, Phillipbouchard, kerryank, kazandrew.

Orange or Coral

Autumn leaves, hot summer sands, or citrus fruits, Orange or Coral is bold, warm and commands attention. Orange flowers can stir feelings ranging from simply enjoying life to pure, dizzying attraction.
Symbolism: Warmth, happiness, vivacity, intrigue, desire, enlightenment, health.
Romantic message: I desire you or life is simply extraordinary with you.
Flower options: Roses, Poppies, Orchids, Birds of Paradise, Ranunculus, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips.

Green Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: Rockies, van swearingen, bfraz, rvsv.


Surrounding us in nature, Green in the botanical form is a neutral color. Typically a background color, Green when combined together in varying shades tends to awaken feelings of balance and positive energy.
Symbolism: Happiness, youth, sincerity, fortune, renewal, fertility, faith, neutrality, eternal life, optimism.
Romantic message: My life is rich and harmonious with you.
Flower suggestions: Hellebores, Roses, Bells of Ireland, Green Cymbidium.

Blue Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: HiggySTFC, Gertrud K., MShades, buttersweet.


Deep blue oceans; Calm, cool lakes; Open-road skies, Blue is the color of tranquility, trust, and infinite possibilities. Flowers in shades of blue release the spirit and often induce feelings comfort.
Symbolism: Peace, serenity, freedom, integrity, devotion, hope, infinity, stability.
Romantic message: I can be myself with you and I only have eyes for you.
Flower suggestions: Iris, Delphinium, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Forget-me-nots, Freesia.

Purple Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: creativity+, Jeff Epp, Natman, ecstaticist.

Purple or Violet

Often associated with royalty, violet or purple is also the color synonymous with creativity and meditation. Purple or Violet flowers can relax as well as awaken feelings of intense euphoria.
Symbolism: Nobility, luxury, integrity, enchantment, individuality, fantasy, sophistication, passion.
Romantic message: I admire your uniqueness and have profound feelings for you.
Flower suggestions: Tulips, Hyacinth, Lavendar, Snapdragons, Sweet pea, Gladiolas, Lilacs, Orchids.

White Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: cobalt123, Himanshu_Sarpotdar, tropicaLiving, jmtimages.


Milk, pearls, clouds or sugar, White is the combination of all colors. White flowers are classy, unique and often celebrate a successful beginning.
Symbolism: Purity, innocence, respect, commitment, reverence, unity, humility, cleanliness.
Romantic message: You are perfection. Our relationship is full of hope, promise and I have the deepest respect for you.
Flower suggestions: Tulips, Gardenias, Daisies, Dahlias, Lilies, Cosmos, Magnolias, Calla Lily, Narcissus, Peonies, Roses.

Black Flowers

img from top left to bottom right: mrccos, Bluecherry1408, ^neste^, Beedle Um Bum.


Other than the dried or dyed, natural black flowers are probably slim to none. But, there are some flowers that come close – deep, red-black or deep, purple-black – giving black flowers a less negative connotation in exchange for a more seductively elusive one.
Symbolism: Sophistication, mystery.
Romantic message: Things between us are deliciously still mysterious. I want to keep diving into our full potential.
Flower suggestions: Black Beauty roses, Queen of Night tulips or Black Calla Lilies, Chocolate Cosmos, Bat Orchids, Black Hollyhock.



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SO PRETTY to look at.
i have to admit, i have a weakness for beautiful flowers XD
this is a wonderful article dearie.
Pretty flower pictures !
OK, now I'm yearning for Spring. I'll have to treat myself to a pretty house plant to enjoy until the snow melts.
interesting and great great pictures!
Nice... Some of these things I don't know... :)
aww this makes me happy cause I used blue hydrangea for my wedding bouquet and that meaning fits me with my husband perfectly!

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