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Is anyone willing to make a profile pic?

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I'd love to collaborate and get a simple one for the time being. I don't have access to cgi programs because I don't own my own compy.

My idea atm uses the card suits and a star and six petaled flower ("petals") as two other suits arranged in a hand. Spades would be red, hearts orange, clubs yellow, diamonds green, stars blue, and "petals" violet. The cards held would be ace of spades, queen of hearts, jack of clubs, king of diamonds, 10 of stars, and bella* of petals. The face cards wouldn't need to look like such. Rather, a more intricate picture of the suit would work.
This would be some what better as a vector graphic.
To better help with the look of this, I'll get a pattern made that displays the shapes in their basic form.
*I know that four are familiar, the last two are from an idea of mine of adding two new suits to a card deck, as well as adding another face card called "Bella".
I'd love the help!
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