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Some advice on my color choice

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Hi Guys,

I'm developing this little event guide sweebe.com and as i'm a programmer I really have a hard time finding the right colors...

Do you guys mind having a look at the website and give me some advice?


I appreciate any feedback - Thanks in advance!


Hello Andreas
I'm neither a programmer or a graphic artist, so forgive me. I did look at your website - it looks like a high energy, fun place to look at before making plans for an evening in Dublin!

That being said - and liking the blue/orange mix, I was only a bit confused by the colors in the logo for Sweebe - they are blue and purple/plum. Nice by themselves, but they don't really match up with the colors on the site.

That's my only comment. In general, I think the site looks a bit cluttered, but I think that's a good thing in this case - you aren't going for serene, you're going for jumping up and down. So a lot of the tags in the deeper blue shade make sense. If you were going to tone down anything, that might be the thing to tone down. But I wouldn't recommend it. because the feel of the site supports a rather cluttered look. In fact, there may be less on the site than I can see (you know, lots of duplicates), but the way it's set out, I can't tell if that's true. If I'm a person trying to find an open club or tickets for a concert, I want to have a lot of choices, and this feels like lots of choices.

Well done, Andreas. If you can consider the logo and maybe change the colors for that, that's my only real concern. If that's a non-starter, then . . . oh well.


freelance web design

I think your post is spam! bcs you've used very common template.
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Luna Rosa
Luna Rosa
Posted 5 hours ago
The first thing I did was contact Darius, I got back an automatic reply saying he was no longer dealing with colourlovery stuff. I was given the email address of Aaron and told to contact him, but he hasn't replied and so I came on here hoping someone would hear my call for help. The problem is still not fixed but at least I know somebody cares:) *Hugs*
Posted 6 hours ago
Hi Luna--

This happened to me--I contacted Darius (COLOURlover) via love note and within a few days the problem was fixed. :-).
Posted 11 hours ago

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