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Help for new website

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I am looking for good colors themes for my new website.

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Hi there! I am a freelance web designer and work with color schemes all the time. I would generally just point you in the direction of a handy link on this web site, but I have some free time if you would like to send me a message and we can talk about your ideas about what the theme(s) of your site(s) are, and some other useful information. Feel free to send me a message at: [email protected] and I would be happy to lend a hand!




I think the grey in the main body throws everything off. Perhaps that lovely shade of silver-grey under the follow buttons brighten it. I came up with a color palette that you may like. Just a suggestion. I am unsure of what look you are going for.

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I would use software that allows you to flip through color schemes until you see combinations that you like then you can hone them down a little to get the right one. different colors instil different moods too so check out the impact of the color you use. There are places online you can Google to see how color affects the mind. My own site is not very colorful but does the trick (at PhraseSet)
Serif''s Webplus X5 allows you to create a site and flip through color schemes and allows you to choose a palette too - I found that really useful (and an easy site builder too!)


what is the web site depend on the web site i can tell colour

web design


color depends first of the content of your site...


hello,my website office equipment & furniture.. is that some one have cool template for my web? thanks...


just noticing that I think you will need to do your twitter logo slightly differently - have a look at their design tips which you can find on the twitter page somewhere. I believe it needs to now be a bird facing right or else text, but not a "t" - annoying as that is exactly what I had too !

lakevacations wrote:

I am looking for good colors themes for my new website.

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Pat has it correct. What kind of content do you have on your site? What do you want to communicate to the audience?
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