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Psychology Of Color

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Hi everyone, I've just sign up to this great site and this is my first topic. Can you suggest a few articles about psychology of color, with web examples if possible? I was googling for a while and have not found anything good so far.


I wrote an article on Colour Psycology on my blog a few months ago: How colours affect moods, how brands use colours for marketing all that kind of thing. http://explainafide.com.au/business-of-art-blog/2012/02/color-psychology/


I highly recommend James Gurney's blog. He tends to cover many many subjects related to many aspects of Art/Painting but he is very informative and really does know color. By the way he is good friends with Thomas Kinkade, they wrote a book together on sketching years ago.


I'll second the James Gurney recommendation. Also for some independent research, maybe look at films/paintings/photographs that have similar desired emotional reactions?


You can start by going here: Color Worqx

And go here for web design: Color Theory for Designers - The Meaning of Color


Here is a great documentary (podcast audio) from CBC Radio called "The Power of Colour"

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The undo feature seems to be working for me. Which browser are you using? How are you trying to use "undo"?

Lol! It worked for me today, I thought that was your sterling effort ^_^
I generally use the undo when I have moved or stretched something inadvertantly. Or I try a position that may or may not work visually. Or when I have put a large saved shape down, and it looks terrible and I want it to go away immediately.
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I was able to replicate this issue and have some ideas on what could be causing the issue. I will try to address those tonight.

Fantastic to hear! Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to having an icon again! :) Take all the time you need!

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