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Help with colors for a bakery website?

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Hello everyone!

I've been navigating this site all day, looking for colors for inspiration to my newest web project (as usual), but I just can't seem to find the perfect colors for a bakery site I'm doing.

I'm looking for browns with light blue OR light green, possibly a turquoise with the browns as well.

Here are some palettes I have found/made to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.


http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1563269/Relaxing_At_Home... (without the pink!)



I'm really stumped here. I'm loving these colors, but I haven't had that "YES PERFECT!" moment yet! Help me out?

Thanks :)


Hi Wolfie! I really love this one..
Here's my suggestion :)
And here's some existing ones you might like
Good luck with your search! ♥


I LOVE your suggestion!

I also like the other ones posted as well!


I'm so glad! ♥ Happy to help! :D


It depends on how fun you want to be. The above sugestions from mangowasabi seem to do the job for you.


I really like light blues mixed with shades of brown. The first one Mangowasabi suggested is really nice! You might want to annex on a lighter creme color for a background.

Just Perfect Color

Have you searched the many other bakery discussions? No matter I guess. Just a suggestion. My old firm did a nice space for a bakery once. We just looked other side of the color wheel instead of doing boring bread dough colors. And then we dropped the colors way down the value scale. Added lighting to compensate. And then we accented with what we all really want from the bakery of our dreams? Frosting colors? My fave was the color rendering spot over the counter next to the register where every frosting color sparked perfect as the register rang $$$.


Ah no. Sorry, I didn't.

Lighting to compensate...?


I think if a variation of brown and cream is a good start. The first thing people associate bakery with is baking of bread or cake. So you could use a cream to represent the inside of a cake or bread and the darker warm brown for the outer layer. If you are going for a whimsical cute design add black and turquoise ....The reason I say black is because it makes the statement of all other colors...even if its only for your outline of words and pictures. But black is also the representation of dark chocolate or devils food cake. Use a bolder turquoise. Also white..... You want it to really stand out. Now if you are going for a more hometown feel...do your colors in a toned down version and warm. But if it were me I would use cool colors and one warm color for the rich brown. If your specialty is weddings or birthday parties...the bolder statement the better.
You also have to think about what colors carry over through out the decor and business cards and extend that to your shop. It's important above all things else is that you start to identify everything around your colors and they become as you as the food you cater or sell. It's a detail many overlook and when branding your colors you brand your store and it's success. Most people identify by sight first. Just like the Mcdonald's Red and Yellow. Burger King brown...Coke Red and so forth. It's really one of the most important decisions you will make. The reason I say that is because you want to build that reputation base and sight recognition is the easiest form of advertising. For example if your favorite color is turquoise...then find that perfect turquoise and build around it. If you like the color now because it is a trending color and very popular ...stop...will it be a color you like in10 years. When you set you colors you are defining your base and use colors that are classic and in 10 years won't become dated. For the most part I think that turquoise will be a color that is around for a very long time ...if nothing more than accents to other colors.
Another thing to consider...be different in your naming. There are bakery's on every corner of the street block .... The Cater I use has been in business for 100 years it seems and the name of it is "Sweet Personalities"...now while that is fine and good it's not different and my kids thought it was an escort service. (Not sure what or why my kids even know what an escort service is) ...But it's sweet and cute. My advice (and of course that is very amateur ) is go bold and make people stop ....Like right off the top of my head something like ...crunchy grasshopper...Even though we don't eat grasshoppers....it's perfect for that stop and wonder effect. Would be awesome if it was for a bakery specializing in themes and party ideas for children. If you are located in a business district and your bakery will cater the executives or working class folks ...Something like "Give me a Break"!... If you have not decided on names just try and stay clear of anything with sweet, heaven, or typical names. I saw a cute one online just now called "Oh my goodness" bakery with three whimsical cakes under the name. Here is a small pic of it.

this one also stopped me...although I am not fond of the pictures below the name I do like the lettering and concept of the name...enough that I checked it out...

This for the most part is a turquoise color block pic and what the web refers mostly to as the turquoise. However, I am not sure of this in prints...I might would go a bit bolder.


Whimsical Twist adding the offsets. Combining all these colors might work for a darker turquoise....

using white an doing a color variation.

This is just a good overall color variation of the turquoise family

Again as an example and I really do not like the name on this example but this is a put together color coordinated group.

Now give me a few minutes and will find more traditional warmer color marketing concepts.





I really like this below.



Great conversation.


I'm partial to mangowasabi's palettes, especially "Coconut or Not". I only wonder if it wouldn't be nice to see one "warmer" color thrown into the mix for a bakery, perhaps a pink or an orange if pink and blue seem too typical?
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And had a wonderful time. Wendy and her husband took me there, hey have such a nice place and her husband Bill is really nice too. I've been so depressed so it it was very therapeutic to go!
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1. I don't care whether you support my campaign or not. Besides, thoughts of witch hunts, branding irons, welts, etc. are perverse, those pictures all come from you, I deny them. My ultimate rebuke, after a lot of explaining, and encouragement, tells someone I can't respect their actions because they violate my code of honor, after which I ignore them until they shape up. I don't go any further. So it's best you don't participate in the proposed action. If that is the way you think, I certainly would never hire you for faculty in a private school.

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If you are talking about me, I am flattered. I have never been called both at the same time as I remember. Thank you so much!

If you are done breathing fire out your nose, and can ever possibly calm down? Could you bring yourself to listen to those trying to help you in this? May I suggest something to you? With fire extinguisher in hand? And a dragon slayer on the roof of my condo building?

If you are not already a member, think about joining the Graphic Artists Guild. It is one of the best artists' rights orgs in the US. Members get all sorts of benefits including legal advice (to a point) in a pinch. Lots of pattern repeat designers are members. You might get more enthusiasm there but not for a shaming campaign.
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That website is brilliant, Deslyn! Thank you for sharing it with us.

DeslynBrown wrote:
One website I use frequently is encycolorpedia.com. You might want to input your color there and then check out the pentadic or hexadic sections. This will give you different colors all around the color wheel that complement the original color in some way, and each color is of the exact same saturation and lightness levels, which is what I believe you're looking for. You would want to alter the "S" and "V", but not the "H". Here is an example of the color you gave here:


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