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Best Sites for Design Inspiration?

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My inspiration depends what kind of project is it,
usually i go to
smashingmagazine and there search like colours, templates etc,
another site en bbc.com ...
My inspirations comes direct from clients.
I consider myself a tool my clients get to play with. I do offer advice and suggestions and try to steer clients right BUT, they know what they like and its my job to make them something they like...
Sometimes I win, sometimes I cringe when I deliver the product and they are happy about it. Some might argue that I'm failing my clients by not being %100 on task with best design practices. I wont argue that they are wrong.. because thats a topic open for debate, and Im open to accepting opinion.
This is just what works between myself and my clients in my niche
I have one little tool at my disposal, that we all have but mostly don't use.... empathy.. I read into my clients to extract what direction they are feeling, then I try to blend that with my hand and known web design rules.
I ask that clients give me links to their existing sites or profiles and then links to a few sites they like telling me what they like about them.
When Im designing for someone else. Im a paint brush.. The whole process takes lots longer I guess having many down time hours spent on just the thought and client communication even before hire from having to work with a blank canvas and empty mind every project...lol.. probably why Im always broke and having to work twice as hard for half the money :))
I often end up with designs etc, that I don't like.. thats life.

lol.. just to add. I found this site when trying to establish colors for a client, he described something and I looked it up here, he said bingo... and another client that wanted fuchsia .. well what shade what tone..and was it something she called fuchsia and ill call lavender.. that happens...unless they give me a hex or an image with an exact shade its open for error.. and then eg.. this color isn't exactly best web practice, its what the client wants but...( too often pale shades and cross colors turn green-ish when seen on some machine with a restricted output.
my best inspiration came from video games :p
haha, I didn't click the link :) I get my inspiration from the music i listen to all day long.
lol. I haven't got anything against link building, in fact I do it myself when a client thinks they want to climb the Google ranks, but when its irrelevant like this it becomes spam, and makes them look like an amateur.
Spamming is not only annoying its thieving when they charge clients for crap that is more likely to get them ignored instead of ahead.
@StormGirl, yes, it is spam. Whenever you see it, click on the button with the red ! to report it. (Once upon a time, that button said Report. I wish it still did.) I've already reported this one.

Thanks already showed some inspiration for us.
Wow, I can't believe that a couple months later and nobody addeds the absolute best: deviantart.com ... includes a thriving community that will give you feedback on any type of art you're working on, lots of free photoshop/illustrator patterns/styles/ore, too. Too much to describe .. just check it out :)
the best one that has worked for me is
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