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Last comment 2 weeks ago in Neon Colors

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Posted 43 minutes ago
twister wrote:
It's really helpful to have a colorpicker (eyedropper) app...here's a link to some of the ones out there:
http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/eyedroppers-color-pickers-for-designers/. Then you can get hex values without having to upload your pictures unless you want to, and without needing Photoshop, either.

This is going to be so helpful! I had no idea that existed, so thank you so much <3
Lovely Lakes
Lovely Lakes
Posted 1 hour ago
Lovely Lakes
Lovely Lakes
Posted 2 hours ago
Posted 3 hours ago
Copying happens all the time here at CL. As a matter of fact, there's been a lot of controversy concerning copying recently. The admin won't do anything the situation and most members choose to turn a blind eye to the matter in order to "keep the peace". So, yeah, what can be done?

JMG84 wrote:
I have a question about copying & didn't see a topic about it so I hope it is ok to just ask it here. I saw that someone copied a palette. I don't know if this happens often on here so I just thought I'd ask if anything happens when this is done. The original one was made in 2008, and the copy was made just a couple months ago. Hope someone will be able to answer about this soon (ie within a day or 2) ty :)
Posted 4 hours ago
Dreams_on_Wings + gauzy = flamingo_croquet


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