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Color Trends: Navy Blue

Color Trends: Navy Blue

Our good color loving friends over at Etsy sent along this post to share with our community. The post highlights current fashion in the maritime color of navy blue. Along with Etsy's fashion update, we'll take a look at some other navy blue trends in website design, and palette inspiration from the CL library.

Etsy Spotlight on Navy Blue

I've got kind of a "thing" for the color navy blue. Like the classic song by Diane Renay, I've been thinking a lot about the color, sailors, ships and all things marine. This collection of navy blue clothing salutes the origin of the color's name, as well as all the great fashion on Etsy.

Katies Hates Couture


Ramona West


Lucha Workshop

Peta Pledger

Oh Kirby Vintage


dalena vintage

Tres Chic Vintage

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Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most colorful art, products, websites and such that I’ve come across in the last week.


Rainbow Glasses by Luis Porem


Portugese industrial designer luis porem's new work 'rgb rainbow glasses'. The structure of the glasses have an internal channel where colorful ink can pass through, allowing users to choose their own colors. made from plastic the glasses have a flexible arm and can be filled
with water based ink.



Via designboom


Color Changing Sensor Gel


071021142334.jpgMIT researchers have created a new structured gel that can rapidly change color in response to a variety of stimuli, including temperature, pressure, salt concentration and humidity.

Among other applications, the structured gel could be used as a fast and inexpensive chemical sensor, says Edwin Thomas, MIT's Morris Cohen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. One place where such an environmental sensor could be useful is a food processing plant, where the sensor could indicate whether food that must remain dry has been overly exposed to humidity.

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Interior Color Moods: Red

Interior Color Moods: Red

Red is a very powerful color, it is bold, warm and can be quiet cozy as well. It is associated with anger, which is a bit negative, but on a more positive note it is also partnered with confidence, sexiness and love. So, keeping in mind the that red does in fact have a softer side, it would be ideal to add touches of red decor into your home that will give your space a little pick me up that it so greatly deserves!

Allure Links Vase


Hulda Stampel Rug


Tripod Floor Lamp


Kramfors Sofa


Hotline Dining Table


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Blog Action Day: Uniting To End Poverty

Blog Action Day: Uniting To End Poverty

Today is blog action day, and blogs around the world are uniting to change the subject to that of poverty.

It doesn't take much to inspire us to reach out to fellow humans when they're struggling, especially when that struggle is about their fundamental survival. As far as our great societies have developed, it is hard to believe that half of the world's population is still impoverished, struggling each day trying to find things that us in the other half can so easily take for granted. Things as essential as water, food, clothing, shelter and an education. It is a great privilege to allow our minds to wander off to places, to create beautiful things and let colors dance in our heads, but this is only possible because we are not faced with those, what might be considered 'primitive' problems of our own immediate survival.

Percent Living on Less Than $1 a day

"The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than US$ (PPP) 1 per day, and moderate poverty as less than $2 a day, estimating that "in 2001, 1.1 billion people had consumption levels below $1 a day and 2.7 billion lived on less than $2 a day."

Are things getting better? Life expectancy has greatly increased. Child mortality has decreased in every developing region of the world. The proportion of the world's population living in countries where per-capita food supplies are less than 2,200 calories (9,200 kilojoules) per day decreased from 56% in the mid-1960s to below 10% by the 1990s, and so on... Yet "More than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening." "The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income. The richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income." "Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names."

Percent Population Undernourished

Approximately 790 million people in the developing world are still chronically undernourished, almost two-thirds of whom reside in Asia and the Pacific.

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Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most colorful art, products, websites and such that I’ve come across in the last week.


Eye Candy


This delicious new confectionery uses cutting edge Sensory Substitution Technology to transmit vivid emotive images into your mind's eye.

Available in six flavors, each helping you achieve the right state of mind by projecting specially created evocative imagery into your field of vision.


Each of your senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing) sends information to the brain at a different frequency. The brain determines where the sensorial information it receives comes from by the frequency at which it resonates, it can then process it in the appropriate way (e.g. turn sight information from the eyes into pictures in the mind). An array of resonators positioned on the surface of an Eye Candy transmit information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain. A pleasant sensation of soda bubbles can be felt on the tongue as the mind decodes this sensorial information as vivid pictures.


This process is called sensory substitution and can be used to supplement peoples senses, enabling them to see the evocative images contained within Eye Candy.

Via kontrastblog

Ovetto Recycled Recycling Bin by Gianluca Soldi

White, Blue&Green

Taking the idea of recycling to its logical conclusion, Italian architect, designer and art director Gianluca Soldi presented the Ovetto Recycling Bin, a recycled recycling center, last week at the London Design Festival. Made from recycled polypropylene (the same material used in ropes and carpeting), the bin offers three separate receptacles to make recycling easier and more organized while taking it a stylish step up from those standard blue bins.


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Color In Marketing: Yahoo Goes All Purple

Color In Marketing: Yahoo Goes All Purple

No, it's not some sort of uber green that Yahoo has achieved, it's just another marketing campaign.

We all have our favorite new marketing campaigns: the ones where companies do seemingly unrelated things to boost their street cred and show everyone they care about things other than money and you buying their products...

I will be quite the branded color palette if I add purple to my yellow live strong bracelet, my white ONE campaign bracelet... I think the orange campaign is done now that the Olympics are over, so that should free up another article of clothing. I could put my pink back on for breast cancer awareness... I certainly can't use magenta anymore, thanks to t-mobile... Man, I better start grabbing up some colors of my own before people start to think I'm a billboard for an NGO or tech company even though I won't actually have any visible company names on my clothing, just colors. I might not be wearing the names of designers but with they way things are going fashion labels are sure to buy up black any day now and then where will we be.

In such a campaign, Yahoo has launched a new web portal as a base of their new “Start Wearing Purple” campaign about being purple. Purple, as yahoo says, is the color of "creativity and innovation" and has been a part of their corporate identity since it's beginnings, even though I thought they were red, but who goes by logos these days when companies are filling the streets with purple bikes that record a photo every 60 seconds to capture the bikes journeys on a flickr account, or get funny people to do funny things with the color purple, both of which are a part of yahoo's purple campaign. Other highlights of the campaign include: daily purple links, a store of purple wears, purple pranks, and so on.


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Communicating Through Color: Infographics

Communicating Through Color: Infographics

As we've brought up before here, color is an innate visual language that can be an extremely useful tool in conveying information. The use of color in information graphics groups, highlights and sorts the necessary information, simplifying the meaning and making it easier to communicate to a larger number of people.

Two great places to come by colorful infographics are visualcomplexity.com and GOOD Magazine's Transparency section. Here are 12 infographics from those very places.

"Functional visualizations are more than innovative statistical analyses and computational algorithms. They must make sense to the user and require a visual language system that uses colour, shape, line, hierarchy and composition to communicate clearly and appropriately, much like the alphabetic and character-based languages used worldwide between humans."
- visualcomplexity.com/about

Obesity System Influence Diagram

Full Interactive Map

Developed for the Foresight Tackling Obesities project, this causal loop map was designed to provide systemic insight into the multiplicity of factors contributing to the obesity epidemic. Behind the simple result of people becoming heavier, lies a complex web of often reinforcing causal factors that range from individual psychology and physiology to the culture and economics of food production, food consumption, attitudes toward physical activity, and structure of the built environment.

The 108 variables shown on the map - the drivers of obesity - were compiled by shiftN, from the 38 science reviews produced for the project and then vetted by the project's science team. The drivers are woven into systemic picture by the positive and negative influence arrows that link the variables into a web of causal relationships.

Visualizing the Bible


This set of visualizations started as a collaboration between Christoph Römhild and myself. Christoph, a Lutheran Pastor, first emailed me in October of 2007. He described a data set he was putting together that defined textual cross references found in the Bible. He had already done considerable work visualizing the data before contacting me. Together, we struggled to find an elegant solution to render the data, more than 63,000 cross references in total. As work progressed, it became clear that an interactive visualization would be needed to properly explore the data, where users could zoom in and prune down the information to manageable levels. However, this was less interesting to us, as several Bible-exploration programs existed that offered similar functionality (and much more). Instead we set our sights on the other end of the spectrum –- something more beautiful than functional. At the same time, we wanted something that honored and revealed the complexity of the data at every level –- as one leans in, smaller details should become visible. This ultimately led us to the multi-colored arc diagram you see below.

The bar graph that runs along the bottom represents all of the chapters in the Bible. Books alternate in color between white and light gray. The length of each bar denotes the number of verses in the chapter. Each of the 63,779 cross references found in the Bible is depicted by a single arc - the color corresponds to the distance between the two chapters, creating a rainbow-like effect.

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Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most colorful art, products, websites and such that I’ve come across in the last week.


Photography by Alex Maclean


No Escape Parking at Old Memorial Stadium; Baltimore, Maryland

Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean has flown his plane over much of the United States documenting the landscape. Trained as an architect, he has portrayed the history and evolution of the land from vast agricultural patterns to city grids, recording changes brought about by human intervention and natural processes.

Dinghies Clustered Around Dock; Duxbury, Massachusetts

His powerful and descriptive images provide clues to understanding the relationship between the natural and constructed environments. MacLean’s photographs have been exhibited widely in the United Sates, Canada, Europe and Asia and are found in private, public and university collections. He has won numerous awards, including the American Academy of Rome’s Prix de Rome in Landscape Architecture for 2003-2004 and grants from foundations such as the National Endowment for the Arts and Graham Foundation.

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Colorful Art Using ‘Processing’

Colorful Art Using ‘Processing’

Digital art is only in its infancy and already we have seen so many great examples of amazing work. It is hard to imagine what we will see as this medium continues to develope and the images and colors become even more unbelievable...

Here are some of the more colorful videos and images created using one of the programs making this art possible, processing.

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, and it can be freely downloaded from www.processing.org.


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Etsy Featured Buyer: COLOURlovers

Etsy Featured Buyer: COLOURlovers

I was asked by the lovely folks over at Etsy to be a featured buyer on their blog. My picks were inspired by the current top colors here on colourlovers. Reposted from here.

This week's Featured Buyer is Davey Sommers, editor of the art and design blog for color trendspotting site COLOURlovers.com. In addition to analyzing color palattes, Davey is a member of the The Post Family — a group of Chicago gallery and event curators, an artist collective and a print shop all rolled into one. He also sometimes makes stuff out of recycled things. Here's Davey.

I love Etsy because it is an unbordered community that brings artists and art lovers together. It's a great example of a market economy, too: one without lobbyists and tax cuts for nonlocal businesses.

Using the Colors tool on Etsy, these picks are inspired by the top colors currently on COLOURlovers.

Blue, or 'balls' blue in this case, is a reoccurring hue in the work of Mike Best, aka BestArtStudios2. It's a nice match for the thoughtful, and at times vulnerable, facial expressions of this character seen throughout his work.
Not eaxtly the same as 'The Order of the Wen', but it shares the same warm color composition as this wonderful illustration by ashleyg.


In TheaCphotography's Bounty, she melds shades of green, allowing the deep color of the berries to pull the viewer's eye. As many of her photos contain a single prominent color, and since they are all sized 8x8, you could easily create a cohesive color palette made up of her work.

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